Yes! Time is of the essence.

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I’m usually an instant coffee kinda gal. Preferring a quick fix over a slow brew. But for some reason, I have bypassed the microwave this a.m and I’ve rather jovially decided to use the machine instead. It’s not one of those hi-tech, shiny, stainless steel, state of the art, 3,000+ button, digital, manual having, remote control operated contraptions that are on the market and in some of your homes! Compared to all the rage in coffee makers, I’d have to say this one here is an antique, a relic, a dinosaur… Rwar! Still as I shuffle through the pile of papers that is today’s ‘To Do List’… I smile! The rich, hearty, tantalizing aroma has already awakened more than 1/2 my senses, proving the choice to brew was a good one. The smell wafting through the house is evident that some things are well worth the wait. Yes! Time is of the essence, but we each must remember to slow down long enough to ‘Stop and brew the coffee’.


Stop & smell the roses!

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