May my love of books be uncomfortably and highly contagious!

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Yesterday I joined KLM for an early a.m workout. He chose to walk 4 laps around the lake. I opted for 2. As I sat out the duration of his morning exercise, an older lady approached. She sat on a nearby park bench. I’m not usually much for audible words early in the a.m. So of course she began to speak but not to my chagrine. She admitted in jealous admiration, “I wish I loved to read like that.” And so the air of conversation was charged. She goes on to ask, “What kind of books do you like to read?” And I’m thinking ‘Whoa Nelly. Supercharge the atmosphere. This lady is speaking my language!’ I responded, “All types, but especially fiction. I adore multi-faceted, imagineably true characters, plot depth and climax building banter. I am most fond of historical romance though.” Then I smiled and told the lady about the most recent book I had just finished reading, ‘Flowers and Stone’ by Jan Sikes and I showed her the pretty pink & black cover of the book I was wrapping up that very morning, ‘Are You A Jackie or A Marilyn’ by Pamela Keogh. I must admit, that early in the day, I was ill prepared so I didn’t have any business cards on hand but I told my conversation partner for the moment about the FreedomInk Publishing website. I didn’t make mention that I publish books and also am an Author. We wrapped up the mini chat and said our goodbyes and as she walked away I silently prayed that my fervent love of books encourages all who come in contact with me to… READ! ~Katandra Shanel Jackson, CEO, FreedomInk Publishing


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