Not Just for Toddlers

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Bing Dictionary defines ‘Transitions’ as a process or period in which something undergoes a change and passes from one state, stage, form, or activity to another. The word is a noun as well as a verb. The word is one that I as a former Pre-K Teacher, should know all too well! You don’t just move toddlers from one activity to another without some type of transition! It can be a keyword, a melody, a sign held in the air to warn those in ‘transition’  that the ‘transition’ is about to take place. It’s a time to mentally as well as emotionally prepare for change which is usually one that involves the physical being. Changing activities, centers, naptime to lunchtime. Fingers gently pressed to lips as a line forms behind the door, time for lunch! So why then do I have such a hard time as an adult, transitioning from one activity to the next! If the car driving along in front of you suddenly slams on brakes, there is likely to be a collision! Crash and burn. I spend most of my days in this state of shock and awe. Giving myself very little time to prepare for the ‘transition’. I often find myself wasting precious minutes and sometimes even hours because I was ill prepared to end one thing and begin another. Acknowledgement is key. I know that this is a major issue with me. Something so seemingly small. I’m in search of a few grown up transitions. Any suggestions that don’t require cookies, milk and a 30 minute naptime? Then again, that does sound divine!


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