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Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall are doing it! Ellen (DeGeneres) is doing it! Rhianna is doing it! My 13 year old daughter, Kailyn Elise is doing it! And doing a lot of it… Taking the infamous shameless selfie! In the odd event you have come across this blog entry whilst at home on another planet and therefore are unaware of the term ‘selfie’, by all means let me enlighten you! A selfie is a photograph, most often candid, informal, impromptu, taken by the subject as opposed to a willing or unwilling photographer! The photographs are usually snapped at arms length, however I tip my hat to those so bold as to get up close & personal with the selfie. I call those ‘In yo face’ selfies! Straight faced. Smiling. Some zany quirk. A more in depth reveal of the person’s true personality always seems to take center stage with these pics that are all the rave! Just like anything, there are pros and cons.

Two immediate pros: You know your best angle & there is always a camera man (or WOman) at your dispose… YOU!

Two immediate cons: How many positions can you assume? Eventually those around you will tire of seeing you take the pics, as well as posting them! Selfies can be quite addictive! How can they not be? Remember, there’s always a camera man (or WOman) at your dispose… YOU!

With that said, dayum the torpedoes! Let’s take us a slew of awesome selfies. One is certain to be epic!

  • Know which side is your good side.
  • Step into the light. Unless you’re going for something dark and shadowy and mysterious like.
  • It’s okay to smile. It’s okay to be serious too. It’s your selfie.
  • Beware the notorious Photo Bomber! Those persons or things that you do not wish to be in your selfie. Uncle Jeb or the family pet Chihuahua!
  • Feature Focus! Do you have big doe eyes? Voluptuous hair? The cutest dimples? A beauty mole? Freckles? Any feature that you consider your best physical asset… Find it and flaunt it. I personally have small lips, so instead of this feature being highlighted as a flaw, I’ve chosen to play it up! Think ‘duck lips’ ‘kiss face’ ‘pout mouth’.
  • Use those filters. You downloaded the app. No matter if it was free, 99 cents or a few bucks. Professional Photographers do it all the time! Adjust color. Alter the finish. Don’t think illusion! Think enhancement of the beauty that is already there! Hey why did you comb your hair into that style? Why’d you choose that style shirt to wear today? Nice earrings… Why the studs instead of the hoops. It’s all about making a decision before showing your face to the world. Same thing!

They say don’t overdue it. Only you can be the judge of that! Sure, there’ll be those that will moan, “Oh gee. There she goes. Posting another selfie!” These are most often the same individuals that go on and on about that not so funny kitty cat video on YouTube. Too many? I’ve never been one to gauge just how much is too much. So until this craze, this trending topic, this image attached hashtag, becomes a thing of the past, I’ll be posting shameless selfies!


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