Harlem New York U.S.A

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The trip to Harlem New York was insane (in a good way), epic (in the best way), great, awesome, monumental & totally amazing in EVERY way! On a professional level, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. To introduce the books & Authors that call FreedomInk home, to a brand new city, was indeed a big deal.

FreedomInk Publishing participated in the 16th Annual Harlem Book Fair on July 12, 2014. As the CEO of FreedomInk, I had a very important decision to make! Which books to take? I finally decided on all first books! The Diary of A Bride To Be (Katandra Shanel Jackson), Life & Love Through My Eyes (Ramona Jones), Loves Me Not Vol. I (Kenny L. Mitchell), Anybody’s Somebody (Phoenix) and Woman on Fire (Trinette Collier). At our booth, there were other books displayed as well. After all, it’s not just about my company, but literacy in general. The $1.00 children books went really fast. It was also a wonderful way to get those who would not have normally stop to pause long enough to not only purchase one or two or a few of the children’s books, but to check out and take home some FreedomInk books as well. The event was a beautiful gathering. It was a financial sacrifice I’m glad I took. The net worth no doubt grew. The network? I shook hands, conversed, made friends with likeminded, entrepreneurial individuals from all over our great Nation.

On a personal level, I feel that Harlem New York is one of those special places everyone with an ounce of African American blood coursing through their veins, should pilgrimage to. For me it was right there on the list with Egypt, Ghana and the once upon a time legendary, Timbuktu! You just gotta go…

You hear so many bad things about places like Harlem. Any place heavily populated with African American is sure to be a dangerous place. Or at least that’s the picture the media paints and would have us believe! Well I put all those stereotypes aside and decided to enjoy the journey. Not only did we visit… We submerged ourselves into the environment and indulged in the culture of all that was Harlem New York U.S.A!


I can’t wait to see where this road leads me next…



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