No Mas Café

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At least for the next 15 days! Big events in my life tend to show up on my face. Ever since I was a teenager, excitement beguiles me! From high school days, well into my adulthood, this nuisance has followed me.

A celebration as joyous as getting married should not cause the Bride To Be to stress. This is after all a happy time in her life. It is also one of the biggest moments in her life. Sitting right there on that emotional shelf with births, deaths and major accomplishments. THIS is serious business!

Getting married is a very big deal. Something so monumental is sure to be accompanied by a certain level of stress. Wanting everything to be perfect will stress the best of us. And stress for me sends a strong and immediate signal to my brain. “We NEED caffeine!”

Coffee in abundance further sets my nerves on edge, increasing the stress, which in turn steadily amps my brain into believing my body needs more more more more coffee! I refuse to show up bright eyed on our wedding day, looking like a pimply prickly pear faced Bride! No mas café… At least for the next 15 days.

God help me... And you! Just kidding ;-)

God help me… And you! Just kidding 😉

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