Broken hearts and guns don’t mix

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My most recent review! August 4, 2014… Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls by Keith Kareem Williams

Broken hearts and guns don’t mix…
Keith Kareem Williams has delivered a literary work of art full of sex, lies, unreciprocated love and lust in abundance.

Follow the unnamed Casanova as he recalls a few unforgettable lovers, all while being held hostage at gun point in his own home. The trail of broken hearts will have the Reader in quite an emotional state! Do you feel sorry for him? Is he the victim? Or do you hate him for every heart he’s broken?

No matter who’s side you decide to take, his fate lay in the unsteady hands of a woman scorned!

This book is a must read. A page turner that I couldn’t get enough of. I sympathized with the characters. This book took me down a rabbit hole I’d not expected to descend into… Have I been any of those women? I fear truth is, I’ve been a culmination of them all. Amazing book. An autographed copy is a priceless gem in my home library! Get your own!!!



I love to read. I have a fondness for Authors so what better way to show my appreciation than with this humble homage. I read. I review. I rant. And yes… I rave! I love books.

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Shanel Jackson



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