Happy Birthday ‘Anybody’s Somebody’

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Happy Birthday Baby! Today marks 1 year since FreedomInk published ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ by Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White.

About a year and a half ago, FreedomInk Author, Ramona Jones, introduced me to Phoenix. She described Phoenix as a phenomenal poet who delved in the depths of erotica. I was intrigued to meet this literary phenom. We connected via social media. Soon after I would witness firsthand just how great a Poet she is.  She and I  hit it off instantly. Kindred Spirits and all that jazz! We became immediate friends. She was interested in FreedomInk and I was interested in asking her to join  the family! And join she did. But oh what a surprise! “Kat, I know you’ve been reading my poetry, but it’s actually a work of fiction I’d like to pursue. I want you to publish my  first novel, ‘Anybody’s Somebody’. My heart stopped. I was a diehard fan of her blunt, in your face, oozing with raw sexuality, erotic poetry… But I hadn’t read anything she’d penned outside of the erotic verse that was synonymous with her pen name! But I thought to myself, why not? It is my express opinion that some of the best Authors are Poets.

So Phoenix and I began to work side by side and the end result was an amazing body of literature. Phoenix came into the World of Published Authors with such a force, that a full year after her debut title, is still to be reckoned with! Some are satisfied with the accomplishment. Becoming complacent after the goal has been reached. But not Phoenix! I have watched her enthusiasm cultivate from tiny seed (dream) to a full blown jungle (belief). She has nourished that dream daily and my has it grown!  I have yet to see the ErotiGoddess waiver on this chosen path…

Phoenix is one of those dream Authors that CEO’s only dare dream of. She’s not sitting around waiting for something to happen, she’s too busy making IT happen. As Phoenix labors over the final draft that will become her 2nd novel. Teach Me, I can only imagine what she’ll deliver into the World next!

Kudos Phoenix on a job well done and Happy Birthday Baby! ,

Anybody's Somebody

Just $1.55!!!  Take advantage of the celebration! August 5, 2014, all day long, ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ exclusive eBook is available only at FreedomInk Publishing for just $1.55!!!


Paperback book available wherever amazing books are sold:

Amazon… http://amzn.to/1iv7RlP
Barnes and Noble… http://bit.ly/1nBFn72
Books-A-Million… http://bit.ly/ThmM6O


Connect with FreedomInk Author, Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White

Facebook—> https://www.facebook.com/iamauthorphoenix

Anybody’s Somebody— Mia Evans and Karrine Ray are best friends. They have been through everything together since Jr. High School, and both have grown into womanhood beautifully. Each is pretty successful in her own professional life. Mia is one of the top Executives at Crane Talent Agency and Karrine is a successful Publicist. However, no matter how sweet the surface, their personal lives have seen better days. Although Mia Evans grew up in the church in Macon, Georgia she is no saint and no stranger to her gentleman callers. Formerly jilted at the altar, Mia searches for love in all of the wrong places. Consciously aware, Mia often states how much she wants to fall in love and longs for a solid relationship. “I want a relationship, I want love, I want to be the one he can’t live without. But until I find that, I may as well submit myself to the ones who pretend.” Two years after her failed marriage attempt to Donovan Blazer, due to the evidence of his infidelity, Mia begins to comfort herself with men and her vibrator “Baby”. Her nymphomania provokes a willingness to attend counseling offered by her company. It is through her Therapist, her quick drawn grandmother, Lillian, her best friend, Karrine and a series of unforeseen events that are a direct reflection of the men in her life that Mia realizes while she has been waiting for love to begin, she’s forgotten to love herself. Mia and Karrine are one in the same when it comes to relationships with men but nothing could prepare Mia for the ultimate betrayals from those close to her including Karrine and the loss of her greatest inspiration. The return of her ex-fiancé Donovan only further complicates things. A familiar face and yet foreign exchange help her get her life back on track. But has she really learned her lesson? Do Mia and Karrine have what it takes to repair the ties that bind? Only time will tell.



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