On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

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If you’re not a Movie Buff or into Chick Flicks, you may not get it. But for those of you who are, the infamous line from the movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsey Lohan, did not fizzle into thin air in vain! To describe the movie in 15 words or less (count em):

Mean Girls Rule the World and on Wednesdays only they wear PINK!!

Got it? Good! Now travel back in time with me if you will to the days before Post It’s when folks tied string around their fingers so that they’d remember to do some important thing. Now fast forward to the here and now. The era of pen and paper and laptops and sticky notes and the super awesome Lumia Nokia 520 with its Notes App. Owee I love that phone and can’t wait for the upgrade. 1020 here I come… But I digress (man I do love saying that word, digress, teehee. I swear I’m gonna interject it every chance I get). “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” is a truly infamous line from the movie. To some it may be just another catchy phrase, but to me, there is a subconscious underlying in those words. I get it! In the movie, wearing pink on Wednesdays was a visual reminder to others of the mean girls less than pleasant disposition. Not only is pink my favorite color, it’s also a highly traditional palette that parents use to announce to the World, “It’s A Girl!” AND the color pink just may be the thing I need to help me not forget!!  So this Wednesday I’ll be wearing pink in an attempt to remember to update all things Angel Eyes: A Collective Memoir of Child Sexual Abuse & The Angel Eyes Foundation… The Facebook page and Twitter account. I’ll also be sharing the book’s links.  Wish me happy remembering.

Meet me this Wednesday over at the page. See you there!


Katandra Shanel Jackson, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing

Founder of The Angel Eyes Foundation

Author of Angel Eyes: A Collective Memoir of Child Sexual Abuse



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