Authors. Genetically influenced or simply encouraged?

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Does the apple really stay close to the tree… Sometimes? I’ve been wondering lately if there is some genetic leaf on the D.N.A tree of life that predetermines the careers and professions of those in our families! I have seen Mother-Daughter Authors, Aunt-Nephew Authors, Mother-Son Authors, Brother-Brother Authors, this within my own personal sphere. A brief search has returned some rather slim results

Joan & Jackie Collins

David & Amy Sedaris

And that’s it!? So maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me. It seems I do know at least a dozen. But I suppose that’s not many. And when it comes to what society deems as famous, the number of Authors with familial ties, grows even slimmer! (Too bad this ain’t an entry about musicians, athletes, politicians, actors/actresses…)

So I’m still in a state of wonderment! Not due to those in my circle or those awfully pitiful research results! I’m still in a state of wonderment because I have seen my own children show promise as budding writers! Is it some genetic anomaly which suggests that maybe, just maybe, if there is one Author in that Ancestral bank, that another in generations to come, shall be born? Or is it much simpler than that? “What we see, we’ll be.” Is it simply that those that have chosen to walk this path will do so because of the example set before them? Recall that I said, my children, all 3 of them, show promise. However I did not mention anything about them showing interest! They seem to be content to be good writers and when it comes to school projects where this skill is on display, to their teachers and fellow classmates’ astonishment, they excel. Now I must take a look at myself. Writing is such a ‘reclusive sport’. Sure, we all need encouragement and support! No man or woman or child, Author or not, is an Island! Still, writing is done alone, solo. There is nobody standing over my shoulders pushing me to write! I wonder what would have happened if I had seen proofs of an Author in my family in say, my mother or an aunt or heard tale of some great grandparent that was a storyteller. Okay, I’m kind of rambling. I do that a lot. My point is, should I encourage my children to believe that they too can be an Author, the CEO of their own Publishing Company or maybe one day, run FreedomInk for me? Should I write in the day, let them see me? Or should I assume that there is some strand somewhere there in the genetic makeup of the three that I have birthed that maybe, just maybe has already been predetermined that they are destined to become Storytellers too!?

Before I close this blog entry, if I may leave a plea in this very public place. If you should happen to be an Author, please encourage those around you who have shown promise of being in possession of this literary gift! You may be the difference in them expressing a true interest in this profession! I feel it would be a crime NOT to encourage them to walk the path that your footsteps have walked before them. Take them under your wing and be the most amazing example ever. Make your family proud. Many many generations from now, Authors will look back and smile at the remembrance of those that blazed the trail before them! The End…


Proudly encouraging my mother to compose her first book! Maybe there’s something to this whole genetic influence thing after all.

Katandra Shanel Jackson, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing


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