The World is Effing Insane! That is all…

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Ok. I’ve been quiet. But I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna go back to ignoring the hell out of the news! Gunned down in the streets, unarmed? Beheaded? Really? The entire world is sprinkled with idiotic radicals that are on some widespread genocide bullshit! A handful of people who feel that the group of people they belong to are better than another group have taken it upon themselves to play Maker and undertaker! Muslims killing Muslims. Blacks killing Blacks. Cops killing those within the community they are supposed to defend. White on white crime DOES exist. Nazis and Jews. Every millisecond of two centuries of slavery. Some American born peoples with any ties to the motherland (Africa) are still battling the effects of the Willie Lynch Letter. Ku Klux Klan. Aryans. Rwanda. Pharaohs killing first born sons. Did this madness begin with Cain’s bloodstained hands? Or is it beyond that? Some strange, stupid scientific thing? Survival of the fittest… Is that it? Newsflash. The world is a melting pot more so today than it has ever been and there is no stopping that! There is no majority. There is no superior race. We all breathe and bleed and have hearts that beat! For a set of eyes to see another in a different, lesser light is total bogusness! With that said, I’m gonna pray for the next generation. May they be fruitful, may they multiply in every color of the rainbow, may they be smarter… This effed up World after all, is their inheritance! Heaven help us all…

After thought: Genocide is a crime of hate. Let’s end this madness today! No more innocent bloodshed.

Food for thought: Every person no matter the ‘crime’ is innocent unless proven guilty (in a trial) by his/her peers. Chew on that… By the way, these words in this blog entry are purely my opinions. Unaltered and uninfluenced by anyone else. They belong to me. Feel free to leave your honest comment, but nothing negative! If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all!



I hope to bring some kind of subconscious  awareness to the World. I’m in a position that just a few decades ago would have been unfathomable. And as far as the Authors of FreedomInk are concerned, I embrace them all. No matter their ethnicity, sexual preference, religion… The only thing that matters here is literary skills and that is present in an overflowing abundance!

~Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing

Check out the beautiful myriad of Authors at FreedomInk Publishing,


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