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When I was a very little girl, I was in love with all living things. Every critter, every creature. I was an animal lover. The youngest age I don’t quite recall is before elementary days. I wanted to be a farmer. What little girl isn’t in awe of chickens, cows, horses, goats, sheep and pigs. How fascinating! As I grew up, my love of animals progressed. I wished to be a Zoologist and then a Veterinarian. Alongside my love of animals, I’ve always been an avid, voracious reader. I devour books. I’m in love with the written word. So it’s no wonder I began to write poetry at a young age. Poems soon lent way to keeping a diary. And so a Memoirist was born! Funny how we find ourselves in the very place, doing the very thing we had no idea we have been called to do. I’m happy my feet found this path!

Kat. CEO & Author at FreedomInk Publishing

*This entry is thanks to LinkedIn. I recently received an email, an invitation to publish. Find me there On another note… I saw a tee shirt a few days ago that read, “I’m so blogging this!” Gasp! I need that shirt!


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