A Book about Encouragement

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As most of you know by now, I am the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing. What some of you may be unaware of is that I am also an Author. FreedomInk began as a dream to own and operate a bookstore in my small hometown. That dream soon gave way to something much much bigger. I composed my first book in 2009 via a self pub company (BookStand Publishing). I also published my first book that same year. Redemption by Richard McKinney was the first book to grace FreedomInk, forevermore transforming the dream into the thing that continues to change and grow and adapt, every day! With that said, it truly does go without saying that most days I’m busy with the Authors. Scouting, editing, proofing, promoting, assisting pre-sale events, making time to participate in physical events! I’ve been so busy as the CEO that I’ve forgotten that this all started with a dream and a pen in my own hand. After coming to the decision that I’ll be taking a much deserved break as overactive CEO and be a more proactive Author, I have once again fallen in love with the words! That brings us current to the book at hand. Mojo For Sale is a book about Encouragement if you didn’t gather that information from the title of this blog post! The book is deep yet easy to read. It’s 70 pages of inspiration & motivation. Here’s what the Editor in Chief of Conversations Magazine, Cyrus Webb, has to say about the book:

“Definitely a book that that is entering the world at a time when it is needed the most, MOJO FOR SALE by Katandra Jackson Nunnally offers you the keys to your freedom and the opportunity to realize your own endless possibilities.” ~Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine

10 chapters, 70 pages. Read this book and soon you’ll be on your way to rediscovering the many sources of mojo so that you can encourage yourself and in turn continue encouraging others!  You don’t want to miss a page of this book. The journal is a really neat bonus. Order from the CEO/Author during the pre-sale event and the book will be autographed. See you at Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/events/1617662901793391/

Mojo 500x750


Thanks in advance for the support! Keep reading! ~CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally



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