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I’ve been told that I entered this world with no hair. Nope! Not even a little. Congratulations Ma’am! It’s a bald baby girl! All of that heartburn was not in vain. Although my mother delivered a baby with no hair, I’d soon make up for it. Thick. Wavy. Coarse. A head full of jet black hair. My momma said it’s my blessing. My crown and glory. Ok Mommy Dearest! I do believe we’ve misinterpreted the ‘good book’. I ain’t Sampson, there is no Delilah and cutting my hair, Heavens forbid, will not be my demise! Still. This is the home environment I grew up in. Can you cut your hair? Gasp! Imagine my mothers horror the first time I got a little scissor happy. Much to her chagrin, I’ve been snipping ever since! I grew up in a society that has been known to decide a person’s worth based on how they look. Light skin, good hair must mean you’re mixed and you’ve got good genes. So we bleach our skin, steer clear of UV rays, wear wide brimmed hats. We perm and press our natural tresses. I’m guilty! Not that I give a hoot what society has to say about how I look. However, the World has my sweet mommy thinking that long hair is good hair. Well I refuse to be brainwashed by it all. The braids are out. The perm is going in simply because my hair is much easier for ME to manage and I’ll be cutting my hair A.S A.P!  I know that my mother is going to have a hissy fit. But oh well. There is no such thing as bad hair. I was born a bald baby girl. C’mon! You gotta admit, everyday is a good hair day!



CEO of FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally


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