Instant Success = Watered Down Success

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For some reason, 94.1 (Hinesville/Ft.Stewart Georgia) always comes in kind of fuzzy with the most aggravating, constant bursts of static. Pure white noise! Even though I’m usually late, I’m quite impatient. So it’s no wonder that I’d reach to turn the station this a.m. But just as my fingers touched the dial, I heard Author/Comedian/Radio Talk Show Host say over the crash of static, “Success ain’t instant!”.  Then he went on to describe how success can be compared to coffee. How most folks want it fast, in a hurry, like instant coffee. He talked about the process of the coffee bean itself. And in between his voice and the bursts of agitation, I heard enough to be inspired to give his words some deep thought. He’s absolutely correct. Doing my own bit of resource and weighing heavily on my own preferences this is what I’ve found to be true…  Instant coffee IS fast. We hardly ever wanna wait for brewed coffee to do it’s thing. But way before it hits the cup, it starts out the same, as a seed. Steve Harvey said that somebody has to plant that seed. Water it. Nurture it. Harvest it. There really is a whole process. So take two seeds. Plant them side by side. Do all the stuff that is needed for them both to grow. Now when the time comes, let’s process one to be instant coffee and the other to be brewed. Did you know that instant coffee is also referred to as soluble coffee. Now if elementary days still serve me and there’s some science left up there in that noggin… Soluble means to be watered down. I don’t know about you, but on this road to success, I don’t want the end results to be watered down. I want the full concentrated version of all my hard work has earned. Yes, I know it’s so much quicker to opt for the instant stuff. And every morning I’m plagued. What to do? Pop water in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and stir in those freeze dried crystals or do I take out the filters, measure the scoops,  pour the water into the machine and wait… All of an extra minute or two for the brewed coffee to, well, brew?!? En route to success? Which path will you choose? Inquiring minds would love to know!


CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally


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