Police Kills a Detained Man

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It happened again. This time a little closer to home. Savannah is about a 60 mile/1 hour drive from where my family resides in South East Georgia. I don’t have all of the details but listening to the news this a.m, here is what I’ve gathered. An African American male was arrested and was shot & killed in the backseat of the police car, never making it to the precinct to be arrested for whatever reason. The Old Testament believes in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I‘m not suggesting we take life. What I am suggesting however is that the one that pulled the trigger be held accountable, presumed guilty until proven innocent and be incarcerated/detained until a verdict is reached. Fair is fair and this would be the treatment received by most civilians. So why then does it seem that the law is above the law. The very men and women that have chosen to protect & serve the communities they patrol… How do they expect citizens to abide the law if they are breaking it? From my understanding, the Police Officer has been suspended with pay. I’m certain that he has a family to support, but tonight a man will not return to his family. I don’t know the details of every second that passed during this incident, but being in the back of a police car does mean that you’ve been detained, which means that you’ve been searched, and more than likely you’re in handcuffs. There is a video of what happened recorded by the patrol car’s surveillance, but I’m very doubtful that anyone of a deciding panel will be allowed to see it. It is not happening every day, but it’s happening and it’s making these cops quite unfavorable. Like a bushel of apples, one rotten apple does not ruin the lot, immediately, but eventually… One rotten apple can ruin em all! I say we get rid of those rotten apples and reset the scale. January 2015, I will begin an online petition to reset the scales by incarcerating any man, be he the law or not, if he takes life! Fair is fair. {At the petition, state your locale, at least one incident of this matter and your reason for the electronic sign. I’m looking into an online thing that will allow us to move beyond Facebook} My heart is heavy but together our voices will be heard!



Dear Police Officer,
If you must shoot to subdue, do what you must… But must you aim to kill? Afterall, it is you that is trained to secure & detain… Not take lives! There are two sides to every story. Each has their own version of ‘What happened.’ But how can we get two halves of the whole truth if a life is taken and all we have is 1/2 the story of what really went down? Things that make you go hmmm…..
Sincerely, Me

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