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Okay. If I may. I’d like to start this blog entry off with a rather blunt assessment! If you can’t be so bold as to play with your food, then truly your life must secretly be a bore! No matter how much fun you seem to be having. Well, surely it can’t be all that if the very idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to food, scares the life out of you. I mean, c’mon! As long as it’s not laced with cyanide, in the words of my new husband, “I’m good to go!”

Imagine the scene. A more than gracious host preparing for a dinner date! Friends are coming over and our host wants to make an impression. He goes all out! It’s a 7 course meal. As he (or she) is garnishing a plate with chopped apples, one falls into the salad! An unsuspecting guest encounters this chunk of apple with a fork full of greens… Lettuce, kale and spinach. The host looks embarrassed but after the rather pleased look on the dinner guest’s face, privately exclaims eureka! Thus a Foodventurer is born! The host becomes more adventurous in the kitchen. Shaved chocolate over roast beef, shredded coconut mixed in with the sautéed shrimp, broccoli puree over a bed of pilaf rice! Is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly is. So with that said, this blog entry is for the bold. Not just the Top Chef’s of the World with their own Food Network shows, cookbooks, pots and pans…. This is for the Top Chef in each of you who has the audacity to be Foodventurous!

I have recently discovered that there is a dear friend in my midst who approaches food in very much the same way as I… Food is life and I’m in love with both! I’ve asked ‘Kiko’ to share with us some of his creative concoctions. Enjoy!


Kiko—“Ok let’s breakfast, lunch and din din it. For breakfast, take cheese and pancakes and make your own McGridles? Take two pancakes and a slice of cheese, put some fried spam in the middle with some hasbrowns or corn beef hash.

For lunch there are alotta variables… Extract the chicken nuggets out of a t.v. dinner and cut em up and toss some ground beef together and throw some waffles microwaved so they’ll be soft and made instead of turchicken , cheefkin waffles top them bad babies with whatever.

For din din, get some ramen noodles and a Salisbury steak (dinner or family pack). Cook the noodles half way then turn on the skillet and toss the noodles in with your choice of seasonings or whatever you can find in the cabinet. Then after you warm em up of course pour that beef gravy over em and chop the meat up. Forget chicken Alfredo you got stroggggyyy! Lol.”

And there you have it, straight from ‘Kiko’s kitchen’. Sometimes the spark that births a Foodventurer is born of a need to be creative due to a lack of what is deemed ‘regular’ ingredients, for others, it is sheer accidental… And then for some, it’s a desire, a yearning, a hunger for something different! Bon apetit =)


 Backstory: I met Kiko in person last year during World Book Night. We’d been Facebook friends for a few years already via mutual friends. When I was looking for places to give away copies of Walter Mosley’s ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’, Kiko suggested I try the local state park. So I gathered my things and made my way to Reidsville to Altamaha Gordonia State Park to spread my love of reading and to finally meet in person for the first time, this friend!

Instant pals. Meeting in person only solidified the friendship that was already firmly intact. Kiko is not just an unexpected friend, he’s also quite the unlikely ally! He supports all things FreedomInk. At a time when friends are hard to find and sometimes it is those few who have your back more so than family, I’d have to say his arrival is right on time.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more that Kiko and I have something very quirky in common. We’re both foodies. And not just food fanatics. We like to play with our food. Sorry moms! I suppose we didn’t get the memo. Connoisseurs and concocters of some pretty creative dishes, our friendship is truly concrete.

World Book Night 2013. Kiko & Kat. Friends for life!

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