A Day In The Life of a CEO

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A dear friend of mine calls me Kat Woman, when she’s pretty Super herself. My husband calls me the Queen of Facebook. I’m asked often how do I find time to do it all. Honestly, on some days I have the slightest clue. I suppose when you’re in your element doing what you love, the day unfolds effortlessly. Each thing that needs to be done comes as natural as each breath. Still… I have been trying for years to break into some semblance of a routine. Try as I might to follow each hour, I always seem to deviate. Something, usually social media, distracts, sidetracks, diverts my attention. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a go with the flow kind of girl. Here is a breakdown of my day…

6 a.m Give thanks for a new day! Up with my husband. Cook breakfast for him.

6:30 Crawl back into bed

7:10 See girls off to school

7:15 I’m up again. Getting ready to face the day. Shower, brush teeth, get dressed (that last thing is a big fat maybe)

7:30-8:30 Clean up in the house. Make beds. Tidy bathrooms. Sweep. Wash breakfast dishes. Laundry. Start a pot of coffee. All of this done usually while listening to music. Coldplay’s Ghost Stories is in the player this week.

8:30-9 am Eat breakfast (usually two softly scrambled eggs)

9-9:15 Stop everything I’m doing to chat with my husband during his first work break

9:15-9:30 Feed the dogs. Take the plant outside.

9:30-10:30 Check email accounts and update social media profiles.

10:30-12 WORK! Which usually consists of proofing, editing, writing, researching, typing, and a plethora of other duties involved in the publishing processes of each book.

12-1 noon Eat lunch. Decide on dinner.

1-2 p.m WORK! My oldest teenager in classes from 1 till 4

2-3 Lose myself between the pages of a book. This week I’m reading ‘A Southern Affair’ by Elaina Lee

3-3:30 Television. I’m a Teen Titans fan =)

3:30 Greet girls after a day of school.

4-5 Homework help. Read. Random social media rants.

5:00 p.m Start dinner

6:30 Greet my husband after a long hard day at work

7 p.m Eat dinner

8-9 Hanging out with the family. Random conversations. We talk about our days and we laugh A LOT! Television time. Kids preparing for bedtime. Somebody (usually me) washes dinner dishes.

9 p.m Girls have retreated for a restful night of sleep

9:30 Eldest child seeks sanctuary in his dungeon. Music and weird phone calls can be heard emitting down the hall. Teenagers! I sit with my husband as he watches t.v.

10 p.m The grown ups are preparing for bed.

11 p.m In bed and I know we should be asleep by this time but we usually spend an hour behind closed doors talking, laughing, loving on one another and as you’ve probably guessed by now… 6 a.m comes around again pretty quick and I’m up giving thanks once more for another amazing day!

*I’m always online even when I’m not in front of the laptop. I work from home. My office is wherever I set up in the house for the day. This has its advantages and its disadvantages. The internet is an amazing network, promos, research tool. But it’s also a source of major distraction. I do my best daily as I attempt to stick to my schedule to remember this golden rule: There is a time and a place for everything! A few words I live by daily are PUSH-FOCUS-NOW-AGAIN. Make the most of each day!

Mondays are Manic O_o

Tuesdays are for Twitter! We follow back @FreedomInk365

What’cha Reading Wednesday v/s Wine With Words Wednesday is an absolute fave at my CEO page at Facebook—> https://www.facebook.com/freedomink365ceo

Thursdays I peek in at the other pages I Admin. over. Check out Angel Eyes Foundation… https://www.facebook.com/AngelEyesFoundation501c3

Fridays I post the Word of The day at FreedomInk Publishing https://www.facebook.com/FreedomInkPublishing and Footprint Expressions Publishing https://www.facebook.com/Footprintespressions

Saturdays I take a break and Sundays are for Sun-Kissed Under A Georgia Sky Quilted Blankets by Kat. https://www.facebook.com/SunKissedUnderAGeorgiaSky


CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally



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