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FreedomInk Presents Social Readia, the online FREE Literary Magazine! What is now easily assessed public domain was almost abandoned. Like some strange thing, the idea planted itself deep in my core. And just as strangely, what I felt so passionate about pursuing, it almost was aborted! Imagine that. Words lost forever. It took months, literally, to finally put effort behind the thought. Faith without works is dead… James 2: 14-26. Please take a moment to check out the very first issue of Social Readia.

SocialRediaVolONE 580x750

Volume 1 Number 1 has exclusive interviews featuring Nash Mitchell & Mellie Miller… A featured article written by Yvette Porter Moore… The Poetry Corner receives a visit from Dawn Miller! Stop by and see who got caught reading and please enjoy the first FULL chapter of Loves Me Not Volume 1: Beautiful, Broken Me by Kenny L Mitchell. The Letter from the Editor is quirky and heartfelt and leaves us all to continue pondering, just what is the future of books.

The ONLINE LitMag will publish monthly. That means I’m accepting all sorts of submissions which are due by November 25th. The next issue, A World Without Books, should stir up a Nation as we come to the close of a new year! So with that said… Enjoy Issue 1. *This months’ advertised reads feature some pretty amazing Authors! 


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