Conversations Book Club Top 100 books of 2014

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MOJO For Sale: The Art of Encouraging One’s Self made the list. Silence. Initial awe and shock. Gasp as the news settles in. This is major! FreedomInk has made the list in previous years. 2013 saw FreedomInk Author, Kenny L. Mitchell and The Loves Me Not Trilogy. The Top 100 of 2012 featured Tony’s Tiffany by former FreedomInk Author, John Mobley and FreedomInk Author, Ramona Jones’ debut compilation of poetry, Life & Love Through My Eyes. I am honored to finally have joined the Authors of FreedomInk via this most elite roster of literary delights! Joining their ranks has made me glad of the decision to balance more carefully my responsibility as the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing alongside the continuous pursuit of being an author. MOJO is my 6th published book. It’s release into the world has me believing firmly that Best Selling Authors write Best Selling Books. It is a rare thing for an Author to become an overnight success. They understand that in order to truly claim this passion as a career, one must write A LOT! I’m constantly writing. In fact, I do it everyday. Filling up notebooks weekly. I’m a firm believer of fine tuning my literary skills. With that said, I’m gonna keep writing. Thanks Cyrus for recognizing my Author efforts in MOJO! That which I pen prayerfully just keeps getting better. Conversations Book Club Top 100 books of 2014 is just the beginning. Look out New York Times BestSeller list. Make room for me…. I’m on my way. P.S. Congrats to every Author, title & Publishing house that made the list this year and in prior years! Keep writing!

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