What is the most memorable and/or life-altering book you read this year?

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If only we each could be so lucky as to discover a book that has the profound ability to change the way we view the world. Each year I set a goal of how many books I’d like to read. And of those books, I’m always delighted when I encounter a book that literally shakes my foundation. I’ve read over a dozen books this year. Perhaps not a large feat to some and for others, this is a monumental thing. As always I’ve left my reviews and I’ve even had the delightful joy of meeting some pretty amazing Authors along the way… Christopher John Farley, Alisa Kwitney, even Anne Rice took the time to reply! The book that I read this year that shook my world? It’s such a tough decision that I couldn’t decide on just one, so I selected two…

life altering reads 2014

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne http://amzn.com/1582701709 opened my eyes to a world with limitless possibility. Imagine just how your life will change once you realize that anything is possible for those that believe. The power of attraction is a very real thing. Think positive thoughts and great things will happen.

‘One Word that will change your life’ by Jon Gordon et. al. http://amzn.com/1118809424 will do just that. It WILL change your life. The book teaches the reader that each individual has the power to change his or her own life with just one word. The word I chose and focused on throughout 2014 was ‘Push’. I kept this word at the forefront of everything I did. In my personal life as well as my professional life. I pushed my children to do better in school. I pushed myself to love me first and foremost. I pushed the Authors of FreedomInk and I pushed me. In doing so I was able to publish 7 books this year. 3 titles of which I penned. This one word attitude is one that I plan to take into the new year with me. Nevermind the New Year’s Resolution. What one word will you choose to focus on in 2015? Leave your comment via this blog post. I want to hear from you!

 Take a look at the books I read this year via my Goodreads Challenge https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/1183409  

Email the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing. We’d like to know what life altering book you read in 2014. katandra@freedomink365.com 

I recently asked the Authors of FreedomInk to reveal the book that they read this year that was the most memorable and/or life altering. Dawn Miller, Author of Darkness Before the Dawn states that all of the books she has read this year have touched her in a most profound way. Kenny L. Mitchell, Author of The Loves Me Not Trilogy and the Creator of The Askari Sisterhood read FreedomInk title, Angel Eyes: A Collective Memoir of Child Sexual Abuse, for a second time and commends the Author on her bravery in composing and compiling such harsh truths. When ‘Woman on Fire’ Author, Trinette Collier was asked what book was the most memorable and life altering that she has read this year, she responded, “Serita Ann Jakes’ The Princess Within, Restoring the Soul of A Woman. It showed me how valuable my life is and the importance of being a woman and a vessel for God. It gave me the courage to accept all of me, physically as well as spiritually!”

Introducing MOJO For Sale: The Art of Encouraging One’s Self by Katandra Jackson Nunnally. The book is the Author’s 5th published book to date. The book was just recently named as one of The Top 50 Non Fiction Titles of 2014 by Cyrus Webb at Conversation’s Magazine! http://cyruswebbpresents.blogspot.com/2014/11/cyrus-webb-presents-top-50-non-fiction.html Own the book… http://www.freedomink365.com/the_books




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