Old year. New challenge. Who’s with me?

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If I may re-introduce myself. I promise to be uber brief. I’m the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing. The end. See. Short, quick and to the point. I’m much more than that but smartly all other monikers I claim ebb & flow into and interlace rather beautifully with this one. As the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing, I’m always challenging those around me to read more! I feel that literacy should be the cornerstone of every community. With this formidable weapon in your arsenal, no door can remain locked, no secret un-decoded! Knowledge is power. Even fiction holds the many keys of the world. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and what is a mind without imagination but a void wasteland! So here’s the challenge… Read at least 6 books in 2015. We’re calling it the 6:12 Promise! Repeat after me, “I do hereby agree to read at least 6 books in the new year.” FreedomInk is challenging YOU to read more! 6 books in 12 months. I have declared 2015, The Year of The Book. But let’s not go it alone. There is much fun to be had when we agree to accept this challenge as a group. Let’s make this book thang’ a social thang’. First, please create a Goodreads account. This allows you to keep track of what you are reading, as well as your friends! Second, take the promise seriously, you have to read. Looking for books? www.freedomink365.com/the_books I have heard the complaints of some. Not enough time, start and not finish, book doesn’t keep your attention/interest! If I may suggest 2 books to begin this challenge… MOJO For Sale: The Art of Encouraging One’s Self & Carnal Sobriety. Both books penned by yours truly. Each book is an easy read, has a great flow and is less than 100 pages long. Get it (the book) and get on with it (your life). So who will be so bold as to accept this challenge? Will it be you? Oh yeah, there is one more rule to this challenge… Have fun! I’m having a 6:12 Promise logo made for the site & tees. I’m excited to read with you!


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CEO FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally


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