Christmas Tree All Year

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Earlier today I was considering leaving the tree up all year long. Take the Christmas ornaments down and deck the tree with hearts and red ribbons and Valentine’s Day cards to my beloveds! Shamrocks and emerald beads for St. Patrick’s Day. Easter, Mother”s Day, Father’s Day, family birthdays, literary observances, All Hallow’s Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas again. What’cha think? Personally I love the idea… And I truly don’t feel like disassembling this darn tree! When did yours come down? I’ll be certain to blog and share the year long experience This was the thought that greeted my day!

Well several hours have passed since the initial consideration. Morning and afternoon have subsided. Evening settled in and of course night crept upon us like a thief! I didn’t want to make a decision without the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ of my amazing husband. The dinner dishes have been cleared. What a perfect time to run this idea by him….

Sweet! He’s in. I tell ya I do love this man. He’s excited to see the transformation of our little Christmas tree as 2015 unfolds. I will be keeping the world abreast of all things ‘Christmas Tree All Year’ via my blog. Now I’m off to scout red ribbons, diecut white hearts and guess what… The pink lights are perfect! Happy January World!

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing & Keeper of the tree ;-),

Katandra Jackson Nunnally

christmas tree dec14


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