To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

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The open topic for discussion at the dinner table tonight, will not be the base of a new conversation. We’ve been talking about it for months. August 15, 2014, I married the most amazing man ever. He does not complete me, only I can do that… What he does is something even more spectacular. He compliments me! We make a great team. It’s no surprise that I couldn’t wait to share every aspect of my life with him. That includes domicile dwellings. Living areas. A home. A few days before Jeremy and I said, “I do.” we officially became ‘a couple under one roof’. The three bedroom, one bath was already pretty quaint. The space became even cozier with the new addition to our foursome; myself and three children. We soon set off on a mission to find more space. We needed it. Badly. We were practically on top of each other in the room we now shared. Not that I was complaining or anything. But our belongings were busting through the seams of our former (tiny) house. Not quite a full month into this newly married life and we found a larger place. Four bedrooms, two full baths. From one rental to another, however, the new landlord gave us all the information needed, if we should choose to buy. Well we’ve settled into a nice little renter’s groove. I think it happens like that a lot. Just rolling along. Renting happily until one day you realize that the house you’ve made a home is truly not your own. Yep. That realization will hit’cha like a ton of bricks. So we’re discussing the possibility and probability of becoming land/home owners. The idea of it all has me tickled pink. Now the question is, do we buy?


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