Do These Things Now

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It’s never too early to begin reading to your little one! Studies have shown that babies en utero can distinguish the difference between mother’s voice and all other sounds! Children adore one on one attention. Would you like to cultivate within them a love of literacy?

Do these things now:

1. Read to your little one often. Just 15 minutes a day/night will expose them to new words, as well as new worlds.


2. Create voices for your characters. Give the book life.

3. With older, non-reading children (toddlers), begin pointing out the words of your favorite story.

4. Have your little one read to you? Imagination is second nature to a child. Encourage them to ‘read’ the story by looking at the pictures and telling you what’s going on.

Happy reading…

Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing


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