Do you have a daily/morning routine?

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It’s no surprise that a majority of the world’s population would like to know the secrets of successful people. Their quirks… The books they read… Workout regimens… Special diets… We want to know. And social media is granting access to those once upon a time privileged sneak peeks. I’m intrigued by the morning rituals. Some boldly live their lives spontaneously, moment by moment, day by day. Others, myself included, find comfort in the structure of a daily routine.

I’d like to share with the world MY daily dozen. The 12 things that I do within the first few minutes upon waking until the first two hours every single day. However I’d be remiss to omit the fact that everyday does not begin the same, so my morning ritual is flexible…

This morning’s routine was slightly altered thanks to Liberty Rebel & Boss. ‘Rebel’ is our shelter pup. We rescued her March 2014. Her paperwork states that she is a pit-bull mix. We see the pit in her. We’re guessing that the other half of her is some breed of wild dog… Dingo perhaps. Her doggie personality is ten degrees of cra-cra (crazy) and she never ever hypers down! Then there’s Boss. My firstborn & only son is responsible for bringing home this 4 legged scamp. I’ll never forget that first night. He whimpered and whined all night, proving to my son that puppies are a lot like babies. Extra cute, but lots of hard work. Boss immediately became my responsibility on his 2nd day with us. His forever home pup month is coming up in June.


So the dogs they bark all night and sleep all day. Nocturnal. My kind of animals. Except, Jeremy (that’s my amazing husband) needs his sleep. Early riser. Traditional provider. Employed in the real world and all that great jazz. Most morning I’m up with him, making breakfast and brewing coffee. This morning the mattress held me hostage and I remained in bed, a weary captive of sleep. I felt the kiss on my forehead and through closed eyes bid my husband, “I love you. Have a good day.”

Sleep. Dreams. Barking? The dogs! Like I said, they’re nocturnal. So I jump up and run to the door to see what all the fuss is about and sure enough, Rebel & Boss are on the run, out of the locked confines of their kenned and giving the neighborhood hell! They came running when I opened the door. So today my day began with them.

Tennis shoes laced. Still in pajamas. Ponytail pulled high. I put the dogs back in their kennel. Fed Rebel, Boss & *Bentley. Cleaned the kennel floor… Nothing like the smell of fresh poop in the morning to get your day going. Secured the locks. Now I can begin the morning routine that for the most part, begins my day.

  • Give thanks to God for a brand new day
  • Check email
  • Make the bed
  • Brush my teeth, shower, comb my hair on a good day, freshen up, get dressed on a really good day. I do love my messy bun and my comfy pajamas.
  • Drink a bottle of water.
  • COFFEE!!
  • Edit my ‘To Do’ list. Check off old-done things. Add new-to do things.
  • Write for at least 15 minutes EVERY-SINGLE-DAY
  • Read a chapter
  • Tend to laundry… There is always laundry to wash, dry, fold, put up
  • Log in online and update social media profiles
  • Make myself exercise. This week I’ve borrowed my pre-teen’s 10 speed bike. The neighbors must think I’m a little loony. Round and round the house I pedal. 15 minutes and I feel like I’ve sprinted the entire length of a marathon.

So that’s it. My daily dozen. In a very particular order. I feel ‘off’ when some item on my daily dozen list hasn’t been checked. What about YOU? Any morning rituals? How do you begin your day?

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