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One of these days the children are going to thank me for loving them in this way, my way. I’m a natural born nurturer. I love learning and teaching and summertime is by no means exempt. This is day 2 of #MomSummerTeach and the kiddos absolutely dread seeing my face at the start of each new day. On the whiteboard Monday-Thursday is Math, Spanish, Vocabulary, a journal entry prompt for the girls and all children under the age of 21 living within the confines of this home will read 15 minutes everyday. All hail Mom. They think I do this to terrorize them during their break. Jeremy (my husband) says I’m preparing them for the real world where it’s all work all the time and you have to earn your play. I say summer months are a stretch of weeks when one can forget all sorts of important lessons, a stretch of weeks when one can learn all sorts of new things. So I take about 30 minutes of their day and I teach. Yesterday’s journal entries look like, “I hate summer because…” *The prompt was “I love (or) hate summer because…” Maybe they’d love year-round school. I vote yay! My eldest daughter, middle child, new high schooler, attitude having, don’t bother me and nobody will die child has complained everyday, “I’m bored!”… This from the same child who had the audacity to write in yesterday’s journal entry, “Summers are for doing nothing!”… Right now the crew is fast asleep. Summer nights are long. I agree with the children that summer mornings are for sleeping in. But when they awake, I’ll be here, waiting, big bad mean mom. Bwahaha. One of these days they’re gonna thank me. I won’t hold my breath for the gratitude today!

Once upon a time Pre-K Lead Teacher & Migrant Headstart Assistant Teacher,

Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing,


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