Uterine Fibroids Part 1: 8 Weeks NOT Pregnant

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Yes! You read the title right. No typo. A few months ago I found a lump in my left breast. Being from a single parent, low income home, healthcare was pretty scarce. I suppose I’m stuck in that old mindset of ‘No medical insurance, no care.’ and for good reason. Being newly married has afforded me benefits unknown. For one, a husband that declares no dollar amount is greater than my health! So with his prompting to get this lump seen about, I made an appointment… The first but not the last.


The initial appointment was made with the local Health Department. A Physician saw me. Examined my breasts, found not only the lump I could feel, but also a smaller lump in the right breast that was undetected by my self-exam. So now I’m double scared. But fear is soon joined by mild anger. The Physician seeing the last Pap on file had taken place several years ago, ordered me to strip, don the paper gown, lie back, saddle my feet into those cold unforgiving stirrups, and scunch my tush to the very end of that narrow strip that they call a table, ha!

So the Physician is down there getting extra personal with my lady business and I’m thinking, “Oh what fun! Grrr. My husband is not gonna like this one bit!” I couldn’t resist asking the Doctor, “After this up close encounter, you’re buying me dinner, right?” He totally blushed… After getting dressed, the Doctor steps back into the exam room to give me the news. For starters, he eased my nerves with a little pep talk about not worrying about the lumps in my breasts until the mammogram was done. The invasive peek would either deny or confirm my premature fears. He goes on to let me know that my uterus/womb is enlarged to about 8 weeks. Shocked and stunned, I explain that I had a tubal ligation about 12 years ago and my cycle is never late. He orders me to pee in a cup and asks a series of questions and makes an early, but assumed diagnosis… Uterine fibroids… He’s speaking Portuguese, I’ve never even heard of uterine fibroids. Pregnancy test… Negative.

To Be Continued…

Learn more about Uterine Fibroids—> http://www.webmd.com/women/uterine-fibroids/uterine-fibroids

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally



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