Same ol’ or Something new

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I’m always on the lookout for a new blog prompt. That’s what happens when you choose to blog about the things that interest and intrigue you, completely at random. With that said, I’ve received a response from real-life friend, Facebook friend, fellow Blogger, Marla Crews, to create a blog entry about how much has changed (or has not changed) in my life in the course of the past year. Great topic to contemplate as a new year sets in. Seeing as how we’re in the last days of the 3rd month of this so-called “new year”, I won’t reflect in that typical way, January to January. Instead I’ll approach the question atypically given the month we are in and reflect from last March up until this March. Forgive me if I’m brief or not overly detailed, a lot can happen in the course of just a day. We’re talking a week, a month, a year of days.

What has happened? The big chop happened in 2016! Shortly after, I dyed my hair blonde. This past year (2017) has seen bolder strides in my every step. Just recently I dyed my hair red. Who was it that said a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life? Dying one’s hair may not seem like a pivotal moment in one’s life. What constitutes a major change? A grain of sand could set the dam overflowing. Prior to dying my hair red, I’ve become much more vocal, much more adamant in advocating the importance of sexual abuse awareness. The louder my voice, the more urgent my message, the more I find myself an unexpected spokesperson in this arena.



I started a book club. I’ve read 20 + books over the course of the last year. My husband and I traveled to Cleveland Ohio at the tail end of winter and ran into some bitter weather, but we still had so much fun. This March we had plans to visit Boston but that Nor’Easter forced us to choose plan B when there wasn’t a plan B, so at the spur of the moment, Jeremy & I decided we’d travel west instead of north. Houston Texas was beautiful! Let’s see… Last summer we became homeowners!!! We’ve rearranged several rooms in said home. I celebrated my 2nd year as a Co-Teacher. Just this very moment I’ve decided that the only way to know if my first fiction novel will be accepted is to write it.

Overall, these things listed and a few not listed prove what? That much remains constant, same ol’ me or that with any change, even dying one’s hair, the scenery changes even if it’s ever so slightly and that small degree guarantees that something new changes everything!

Shout out to RISKY business. Keep reading!


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