21 Things That I Love About Being A Mother…..

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21: Knowing that I’ve been a mother for over 1/2 my life and that I’ll never outlive that fact. (I gave birth to my firstborn a few months before I turned 18. This year he turns 21.) *Jermaine born 1997-age 21 this year
20: Growing up. No matter what age a woman becomes a mother, there’s no other force in this world that calls forth for maturity quite like becoming a mother… And at 17, I personally still had a lot of growing up to do! Crash course anyone?
19: The title alone is a worthy gift within itself. I’m not so insensitive that I’ve subconsciously forgotten that not every woman will be a mother in this lifetime; be it physical mechanics of the dynamic or by choice. Mom. Ma. Momma. Mommy. Madre. Mother. The closest name to it is the Creator himself. #LifeGiver What do you call your mother? What do your children call you?
18: The mind-blowing phenomena of cradling, nurturing, hosting & finally expelling a female from your womb. Brain explosion. Sons are special, this is true. But a flower birthed of your flower and being privileged to watch her grow outside of you… Call me a biased Gardener, but MY daughters are the most beautiful flowers in His garden. Doesn’t every mother think so!?! *Kailyn born 2000-age 18 this year
17: Having my own character tested, again & again, majorly thanks to that forever pushing Mom to the brink, middle child of mine. Grrr!
16: My personality, tweaked, magnified & reflected back to me like some sort of cruel and unusual punishment. Ever heard your mother say, “I pray that your kids are just like you,” ? Ever heard her say this and you haven’t even reached child-bearing years yet? That means that you my dear have been more than a handful and the only justice she deems fit is not if, but when you receive a dose of your own medicine! Sidenote: She can’t wait to see it unfold and she might even say, “Told you so…” Thanks Mom!
15: The youngest. The last. My baby. Motherhood has a start. It begins with the firstborn. And unless that child is an only child, there’s a beginning-a middle-and an end. Bittersweet knowing there won’t be more pitter-patters after hers. But who wants to have a houseful of children? Not me! We’re readying wings and looking forward to an empty nest! Secretly looking forward to grands in due time. *Ashley born 2003-age 15 this year
14: Cutting through an extension of my own flesh. The unbiblical cord is not something you give much thought to unless something is wrong. I was offered the opportunity to ‘cut the cord’ with my lastborn. It’s part gross & part gratifying. A mom moment I’ll never forget!
13: Cooking for my crew. There was some trial and error in my early days of motherhood. Thankfully, all but one was to young to remember and he remembers EVERYTHING and nonchalantly brings those remembered incidents up at the worst time.
12: Filter. No filter. My children have taught me to be more open, more outspoken. Opinions are like wild horses around here. They run when & where they please, and reigning them in could seriously get somebody hurt! In each other we’ve created some No Filter having Monsters and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
11: The absolute control of the most sovereign ruler and those ever powerful control terms… No. Because I said so. My house, my rules. You don’t pay no bills here. And with that every sane child is put in check. All hail Queen Mom.
10: Built-In-Besties!! That is of course after we all survive the teenage years.
9: Over the years I’ve loved discovering & cultivating my children’s gifts, skills & talents. Be it sports, knitting, art, I’ve enjoyed taking delight in the things that delight them.
8: The sweet symphony of arguing! I know those old school mamas were quick to slap a mouth, but these ain’t the old days. We each have opinions. Sometimes those opinions clash. Sometimes that clash is loud. And that’s alright. I’m building character over here. I don’t won’t to send them into the world too afraid to speak, to dull to form an opinion of their own.
7: Bonus babes are the best! I have my husband to thank for that. Not blood of my blood or flesh of my flesh, still he holds a very special place in my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to his mom. *CDN 😍😊😘💕
6: Not that I aspire to Hollywood or Broadway, but I do adore being center stage. Three pair, no make that four pair, of eyes are on me. I don’t take this fact lightly.
5: Imparting my knowledge & expanding upon theirs. I love being their first teacher!
4: Labor pains! It’s a pain you’ll never forget but after you hold that little bundle, that pain magically disappears. I mean it becomes such a vague memory that we do it again, and again after that!
3: Those 3 being living, walking, talking representations of myself, and so much more!
2: Being the soundboard and there is no sweeter sound in the entire universe than their cries, their voices, their arguing, their opinions.
1: Love. L-O-V-E. Unconditional, unrelenting, never-ending, unnerving at times, lol. But it’s a love that enters and consumes and never lets go. I love being a mother and I love that love that is only born of your children!

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