Invisible. Impenetrable.

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August 15th, my husband and I celebrated 4 blissfully brief years of marriage. They say time flies when you’re having fun. They are right, you know? For me, the most treasured part of our union is in knowing that everything in the entire universe conspired to bring he & I together. Every break up. Every heartbreak. Every disappointment and upset. All roads led to Us and I believe with every fiber of my being that a Higher Power is ultimately responsible. “Let no man put asunder what God hath brought together…” The stitch. The seam. The suture. {Suture = the seam or seamlike line along which two things or parts are sewed or united.} Where the Creator is, so is the suture.

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Write Reel Life

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Upon hearing the term “documentary” a few things might immediately come to mind. For me I see a barren wasteland, heat rising in waves. The brave soul behind the lense sweating profusely. Salt dripping into his eyes but he’s too afraid to move. Maybe he’s making a documentary on the familial habits of big cats. Or maybe he’s filming the matriarchial rituals of elephants. Maybe the background isn’t lush greenery but a rural, low-income, concrete jungle overgrown with graffiti. A herd of youngsters gather around, the calloused side of their hands feeling the cold steel of the foreign filming equipment. Whatever the setting or the subject matter, an image like this plays out in my mind.

I’ve never watched a documentary. For that reason I wanted to get a clearer definition of just what a documentary is. So I took to Google and received not one but two defining definitions.

The documentary is an adjective. The documentary is a noun. If you recall from grade school the parts of speech these two grammatical puzzle pieces inhabit. Adjectives describe a person, place or thing. Ex: big, pretty, old, sour, vermilion, shiny. Think descriptive, clarifying. A noun on the other hand is the actual person, place or thing that the adjective/descriptive describes.

A documentary in short seems to be described as written or recorded material based on factual documents and photographs. This leads me to feel like a documentary doesn’t have to be immediately thought of as cinematic. If it’s written, memoirs & autobiographies must be the documentaries of the literary world. And since documentaries consist of facts and photographs, would a selfie be considered a documentary?

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The Chandelier

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The grand foyer will be grand. The winding staircase will wind. The obnoxiously expensive art will be, well, obnoxiously expensive. The home will encompass the essence of architectural beauty. But the thing that will steal your breath away and arrest all senses will be the chandelier! Gorgeously embossed in 24 karat gold. Reaching out into the world and reflecting back the brilliance of the sun. Twinkling. Sparkling. Dazzling. When day turns to night is when the chandelier truly comes to life…

Tis day 15 of the August Writing Challenge. Today’s prompt: chandelier.

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Steady Does It

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I almost broke my neck this morning, jumping off of the elliptical trainer that I rarely use. There I was, daydreaming, just pedaling away and all of a sudden something fell on me. A little backstory for anyone not personally familiar with me: I am deathly afraid of things that jump and fly! Examples are crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, cockroaches & any type of the gazillion beetles that creep crawl in the world. I’m not particularly fond of butterflies either. I mean they’re cute… From a far, safe distance! Ok back to the moment of daydreaming, pre-hysteria!!! I’m pedaling. I’ve even worked up a baby sweat, that’s when it happens! Something drops from out of nowhere, lands at the base of my neck and in slow motion, makes its way down my back. I jumped off of the elliptical trainer. Stumbled to catch my balance. Searching, scared but frantically for whatever bug just assaulted me! There on the floor was a single blue bloom. I dunno how that single blue bloom made its way out of the bouquet, but I timidly picked it up, replaced it, and got myself back up on that seat. So yeah. True story. Death by artificial flowers. Grrr. Tomorrow, my husband and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Every moment of married life won’t be and hasn’t been absolutely perfect. But where the pieces fall, we pick em up, put em back, and begin again.

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What A Waste

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Much ignored by me. Much beloved by dust bunnies. The elliptical trainer gets no love. Ok, so it’s not a bike per se! Still, there’s a seat and handles and pedals. It’s unfriendly and ominous looking. It’s not inviting or enticing in the least. Still I purchased it with plans of utilizing it daily. People all over the world don’t have access to a gym membership so they rely on the oldest mode of transportation to keep fit. They walk or run or bike. The bonus I can say with this thing is that it keeps me indoors. I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type and that truth was a very important factor in determining the purchase. In sporadic, spontaneous bouts, I attempt to give it an honest go. But after a few days the motivation to keep going fizzles & completely fades… *August Writing Challenge. Day 13, Exercise Bike

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Medical School bound…


Recently I posted about my youngest daughter embarking upon the high school journey. While it is true that Ashley has just begun her freshman year, her big sister Kailyn is in her final year. Class of 2019. Our Senior! She’s currently in the throes of taking the ACT, the SAT and applying to colleges who have a pre-medicinal tract. We’re all very excited to see where this last year of high school will lead our future Doctor.

One proud Mom! -Writer, Katandra Jackson Nunnally

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Coke or Pepsi

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It’s day 11 of the August Writing Challenge. Today’s prompt is ‘coca cola’. I’m more of a Pepsi girl myself. It’s got a bit of a bite but I’d rather that than an insufferable case of belching!!! Which do you prefer? Coca~Cola or Pepsi?


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