Motivation Monday. Be More Fearless.

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What is fear? A quickening of one’s pulse in response to something that can cause one mental anguish or bodily harm. Fear of the unknown causes unease and unravels the borders of what feels safe. We must be careful not to be held captive by our fears. We do this by keeping in mind the two actions that fear triggers. Flight or fight. Will you fly away when fear rears its ugly head? Or will you fight? #BeMoreFearless #MotivationMonday


Monday Motivation: Be Brave

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If you’re fearfully living your life in the shadows of what others think, you do realize that you’re not living YOUR best life, right? You’re living someone else’s idea of what your life should look like or maybe even living some version of THEIR best life! WHO are you projecting today? Be brave. Be you.

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Monday Motivation: Be You

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Everybody is searching for direction, meaning, purpose. “Who/Why am I?” seems to be the big question. While there are thousands of Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Artists, Authors, Mommies in the world, there have even been a few hundred Geniuses and an even fewer dozens of great Philosophers, still there is only one, individual, absolutely unique YOU! So yeah, be that! Not the watered down version either. No! Be uncut, unapologetic, undeniably you. Remember, you were not born to blend in.


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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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Traveler beware. The town of Wind Gap is toxic. Toxic in an all-consuming, devouring especially it’s own inhabitants, kind of way. Camille and her sordid path are proof of that. Sharp Objects is a book about a severed, if ever established, mother-daughter relationship and how damaged family ties can cut just as deep as any knife.

There’s a baby killer in Wind Gap. Putting down bad little girls and taking their teeth, a Herculean effort. So who’s The main suspect? A man? A woman? An outsider? One of Wind Gap’s own? The sooner a suspect is named, the sooner Camille can leave her hometown, her childhood home and her high strung overbearing mother, Adora. The suspense is addictive as each chapter unfolds leaving the reader guessing in anticipation, who is killing Wind Gap’s most misunderstood girls and why take their teeth?

Let’s Talk Shop

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Daily, constantly, repeatedly, I force myself to push through this layer of shyness and politely, quietly ask the introvert in me to step aside, ever so briefly, ever so momentarily. You see, no matter how vocally reserved I am, there are situations and circumstances that affect me to the point of opening my mouth and speaking. A few things that the introvert in me has a hard time being quiet about is sexual abuse, racial injustice & literacy. These are the topics I’ve chosen to stand up and speak out about. These are the topics that are being ignored, the topics that no-one brings up at the dinner table. But how can we rid the world of ignorance if we refuse to have the conversation? It’s gonna be major uncomfortable but it’s necessary. What do you stand up for? What topic pushes you to the outskirts of your comfort zone?

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What about velvet?

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Prompt #30 of the August Writing Challenge is ‘Velvet’ and I must admit, not an inkling of emotion has been spurred by this prompt. Velvet? It seems like such an obsolete fabric. I mean, who wants to run that stiff/soft stuff under their sewing machine? Not me! Velvet? Red velvet cake? Mouth waters. Eyes roll back. Tongue lags. Lol. Now that’s a velvet worth comment.

What do you think of when you hear the word, velvet?

You Beautiful Bloom

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. How many seeds are planted before conception I wonder. A friendship turned relationship is a seed that was planted and blossomed. Perhaps that seedling will grow into a flowering  tree, each bud derived of that first seed. I adore this analogy…

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