Do you have a daily/morning routine?

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It’s no surprise that a majority of the world’s population would like to know the secrets of successful people. Their quirks… The books they read… Workout regimens… Special diets… We want to know. And social media is granting access to those once upon a time privileged sneak peeks. I’m intrigued by the morning rituals. Some boldly live their lives spontaneously, moment by moment, day by day. Others, myself included, find comfort in the structure of a daily routine.

I’d like to share with the world MY daily dozen. The 12 things that I do within the first few minutes upon waking until the first two hours every single day. However I’d be remiss to omit the fact that everyday does not begin the same, so my morning ritual is flexible…

This morning’s routine was slightly altered thanks to Liberty Rebel & Boss. ‘Rebel’ is our shelter pup. We rescued her March 2014. Her paperwork states that she is a pit-bull mix. We see the pit in her. We’re guessing that the other half of her is some breed of wild dog… Dingo perhaps. Her doggie personality is ten degrees of cra-cra (crazy) and she never ever hypers down! Then there’s Boss. My firstborn & only son is responsible for bringing home this 4 legged scamp. I’ll never forget that first night. He whimpered and whined all night, proving to my son that puppies are a lot like babies. Extra cute, but lots of hard work. Boss immediately became my responsibility on his 2nd day with us. His forever home pup month is coming up in June.


So the dogs they bark all night and sleep all day. Nocturnal. My kind of animals. Except, Jeremy (that’s my amazing husband) needs his sleep. Early riser. Traditional provider. Employed in the real world and all that great jazz. Most morning I’m up with him, making breakfast and brewing coffee. This morning the mattress held me hostage and I remained in bed, a weary captive of sleep. I felt the kiss on my forehead and through closed eyes bid my husband, “I love you. Have a good day.”

Sleep. Dreams. Barking? The dogs! Like I said, they’re nocturnal. So I jump up and run to the door to see what all the fuss is about and sure enough, Rebel & Boss are on the run, out of the locked confines of their kenned and giving the neighborhood hell! They came running when I opened the door. So today my day began with them.

Tennis shoes laced. Still in pajamas. Ponytail pulled high. I put the dogs back in their kennel. Fed Rebel, Boss & *Bentley. Cleaned the kennel floor… Nothing like the smell of fresh poop in the morning to get your day going. Secured the locks. Now I can begin the morning routine that for the most part, begins my day.

  • Give thanks to God for a brand new day
  • Check email
  • Make the bed
  • Brush my teeth, shower, comb my hair on a good day, freshen up, get dressed on a really good day. I do love my messy bun and my comfy pajamas.
  • Drink a bottle of water.
  • COFFEE!!
  • Edit my ‘To Do’ list. Check off old-done things. Add new-to do things.
  • Write for at least 15 minutes EVERY-SINGLE-DAY
  • Read a chapter
  • Tend to laundry… There is always laundry to wash, dry, fold, put up
  • Log in online and update social media profiles
  • Make myself exercise. This week I’ve borrowed my pre-teen’s 10 speed bike. The neighbors must think I’m a little loony. Round and round the house I pedal. 15 minutes and I feel like I’ve sprinted the entire length of a marathon.

So that’s it. My daily dozen. In a very particular order. I feel ‘off’ when some item on my daily dozen list hasn’t been checked. What about YOU? Any morning rituals? How do you begin your day?

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I Dare You To Join Us

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I dare you to take the challenge. Join us for the 5th Annual Reading is Retro Summer Challenge. Just what is the challenge you ask? The challenge is to read 10 books in 13 weeks. Summer officially begins June 21st. … Please join it, share it, invite your friends to this online event! Thanks. I’ll see you there.

This summer marks the 5th year…. Wow! I’m looking forward to your join. I am aware that many have been waiting for this annual event to actually pick up a book. Who’s ready to start reading? We began 5 years ago when I was living in Atlanta Georgia. The year was 2011, we didn’t select a group read…
2012- Running With Scissors
2013- Little Bee
2014- The Fault In Our Stars… The 2015 group read is ‘God Help The Child’ by Toni Morrison. For the duration of the challenge, please choose any titles, read at your own pace and join the group for the group read on July 5th.

god help the child

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Do These Things Now

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It’s never too early to begin reading to your little one! Studies have shown that babies en utero can distinguish the difference between mother’s voice and all other sounds! Children adore one on one attention. Would you like to cultivate within them a love of literacy?

Do these things now:

1. Read to your little one often. Just 15 minutes a day/night will expose them to new words, as well as new worlds.


2. Create voices for your characters. Give the book life.

3. With older, non-reading children (toddlers), begin pointing out the words of your favorite story.

4. Have your little one read to you? Imagination is second nature to a child. Encourage them to ‘read’ the story by looking at the pictures and telling you what’s going on.

Happy reading…

Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing

April is…

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, as well as National Poetry Month. We’d love for you to join us at a few online worldwide Facebook events. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the words! *Keep scrolling for the real fun!
april is
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Angel Eyes: A Collective Memoir of Child Sexual Abuse— A collection of stories told by women from 25 to 65, some are told here, anonymously, for the very first time. Child sexual abuse is real, but not incurable. Help end the cycle now with your purchase of Angel Eyes. *Hardback, compilation of partial memoirs, compiled by Katandra Shanel Jackson.
FreedomInk Presents Poetic Meter & Random Prose— Random words joined together for purpose is the aim, telling of joy and of pain, to uplift and inspire. Listen as these poets share their innermost thoughts. Poetic Meter & Random Prose, a FreedomInk publication. *Hardback with dust jacket, poetry anthology.
Happy April

The STRUT is P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L

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Y’all know me. Author. CEO at FreedomInk Publishing. Avid reader. Literary Philanthropist. I’m all about the words. What then is the one word I’d use to describe the 2015 Strut Awards? P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L. There was an abundance of beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated women. Women that are serious about elevating themselves and others. This came as no surprise to me. Although I have missed the past two annual events, I was fortunate to participate as an award recipient via the very first ceremony. Since then, each year that has gone by, some member of FreedomInk Publishing or the company itself, has been recognized for the literary efforts we’re putting forth in the world.

Dr. Darcova Triplett, the Mistress of Strut, is the mastHERmind behind the Strut movement. The motto: To walk in our purpose, on purpose, with confidence, competence and conviction.

Dr. Darcova Triplett
Dr. Darcova Triplett

Darcova is a Woman that exudes the very essence of the motto and she openly embraces the embodiment of the motto’s foundation when she recognizes the drive and determination in other women! FreedomInk Author, Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White, received an award for her literary awesomeness and for her strides in liberating women worldwide, sexually and vocally! Kudos to Phoenix on this award well deserved. Thank you Darcova for once again for offering FreedomInk that extended platform. Authors are a quirky bunch, but we are proudly doing our part to change the world through our fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Kat and Phoenix
Kat and Phoenix

I personally was proud to be amongst so many amazing individuals. FreedomInk Publishing was a 2015 Strut Vendor. Several of the Authors attended the event and represented the company well. Thanks to Trinettte Collier, Dawn Miller, Mellie Miller and Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White for standing with me! And a super duper shout out to my husband. Jeremy, thank you for holding down the fort when the Authors dispersed and I made my way through the room, networking and mingling and supporting other vendors. You too are #TeamFreedomInk. Yes my Team is the best and as for Strut…

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally & husband, Jeremy C. Nunnally. 2015 Strut Awards.
CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally & husband, Jeremy C. Nunnally. 2015 Strut Awards.

Darcova, I’m already making plans for the 2016 ceremonies and festivities. I know you’re gonna step it up another notch and the next Strut event will be even more P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!

Y’all check out ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ by Phoenix, as well as the Author’s 2nd urban, erotic fiction, ‘Teach Me’. Both books are available now wherever amazing books are sold!

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Enjoy the photos from this year’s event!!

FreedomInk at Strut 2015

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The true story of one woman’s struggle against domestic abuse…

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FreedomInk Publishing proudly presents Dawn Miller​’s debut title… Darkness Before the Dawn.

Born under the light of the rising sun, I was named after the beauty of the new day. Later to be given the moniker of Desert Rose, it all fit together. Born as the sun rose over the desert, a place that only comes to life after the storms, at a time of day that is most beautiful, only after the darkest hours. This is me. For my life became the darkness of abuse, neglect, the total removal of all that was light in my life; the end only coming as the strength and beauty of the light returned, removing the darkness that engulfed the hours before the dawn. {Keep scrolling to read my review}

DarknessBeforeTheDawn banner 2014

*My review: I gotta tell you. This book ain’t no easy read. Great writing pulls you in, holds you captive and renders you helpless to every emotion penned! Darkness Before the Dawn reveals so many of the pains that most would be too ashamed to admit, too embarrassed. I applaud Dawn for writing such a deeply disturbing yet beautiful book. I implore the world to read this book. The scars of another carry the possibility to save us all. Just my little ol’ opinion

Available wherever amazing books are sold.

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Check out this book and all the other amazing titles published by FreedomInk Publishing.

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To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

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The open topic for discussion at the dinner table tonight, will not be the base of a new conversation. We’ve been talking about it for months. August 15, 2014, I married the most amazing man ever. He does not complete me, only I can do that… What he does is something even more spectacular. He compliments me! We make a great team. It’s no surprise that I couldn’t wait to share every aspect of my life with him. That includes domicile dwellings. Living areas. A home. A few days before Jeremy and I said, “I do.” we officially became ‘a couple under one roof’. The three bedroom, one bath was already pretty quaint. The space became even cozier with the new addition to our foursome; myself and three children. We soon set off on a mission to find more space. We needed it. Badly. We were practically on top of each other in the room we now shared. Not that I was complaining or anything. But our belongings were busting through the seams of our former (tiny) house. Not quite a full month into this newly married life and we found a larger place. Four bedrooms, two full baths. From one rental to another, however, the new landlord gave us all the information needed, if we should choose to buy. Well we’ve settled into a nice little renter’s groove. I think it happens like that a lot. Just rolling along. Renting happily until one day you realize that the house you’ve made a home is truly not your own. Yep. That realization will hit’cha like a ton of bricks. So we’re discussing the possibility and probability of becoming land/home owners. The idea of it all has me tickled pink. Now the question is, do we buy?


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