Happy Birthday ‘Anybody’s Somebody’

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Happy Birthday Baby! Today marks 1 year since FreedomInk published ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ by Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White.

About a year and a half ago, FreedomInk Author, Ramona Jones, introduced me to Phoenix. She described Phoenix as a phenomenal poet who delved in the depths of erotica. I was intrigued to meet this literary phenom. We connected via social media. Soon after I would witness firsthand just how great a Poet she is.  She and I  hit it off instantly. Kindred Spirits and all that jazz! We became immediate friends. She was interested in FreedomInk and I was interested in asking her to join  the family! And join she did. But oh what a surprise! “Kat, I know you’ve been reading my poetry, but it’s actually a work of fiction I’d like to pursue. I want you to publish my  first novel, ‘Anybody’s Somebody’. My heart stopped. I was a diehard fan of her blunt, in your face, oozing with raw sexuality, erotic poetry… But I hadn’t read anything she’d penned outside of the erotic verse that was synonymous with her pen name! But I thought to myself, why not? It is my express opinion that some of the best Authors are Poets.

So Phoenix and I began to work side by side and the end result was an amazing body of literature. Phoenix came into the World of Published Authors with such a force, that a full year after her debut title, is still to be reckoned with! Some are satisfied with the accomplishment. Becoming complacent after the goal has been reached. But not Phoenix! I have watched her enthusiasm cultivate from tiny seed (dream) to a full blown jungle (belief). She has nourished that dream daily and my has it grown!  I have yet to see the ErotiGoddess waiver on this chosen path…

Phoenix is one of those dream Authors that CEO’s only dare dream of. She’s not sitting around waiting for something to happen, she’s too busy making IT happen. As Phoenix labors over the final draft that will become her 2nd novel. Teach Me, I can only imagine what she’ll deliver into the World next!

Kudos Phoenix on a job well done and Happy Birthday Baby! ,

Anybody's Somebody

Just $1.55!!!  Take advantage of the celebration! August 5, 2014, all day long, ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ exclusive eBook is available only at FreedomInk Publishing for just $1.55!!!


Paperback book available wherever amazing books are sold:

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Anybody’s Somebody— Mia Evans and Karrine Ray are best friends. They have been through everything together since Jr. High School, and both have grown into womanhood beautifully. Each is pretty successful in her own professional life. Mia is one of the top Executives at Crane Talent Agency and Karrine is a successful Publicist. However, no matter how sweet the surface, their personal lives have seen better days. Although Mia Evans grew up in the church in Macon, Georgia she is no saint and no stranger to her gentleman callers. Formerly jilted at the altar, Mia searches for love in all of the wrong places. Consciously aware, Mia often states how much she wants to fall in love and longs for a solid relationship. “I want a relationship, I want love, I want to be the one he can’t live without. But until I find that, I may as well submit myself to the ones who pretend.” Two years after her failed marriage attempt to Donovan Blazer, due to the evidence of his infidelity, Mia begins to comfort herself with men and her vibrator “Baby”. Her nymphomania provokes a willingness to attend counseling offered by her company. It is through her Therapist, her quick drawn grandmother, Lillian, her best friend, Karrine and a series of unforeseen events that are a direct reflection of the men in her life that Mia realizes while she has been waiting for love to begin, she’s forgotten to love herself. Mia and Karrine are one in the same when it comes to relationships with men but nothing could prepare Mia for the ultimate betrayals from those close to her including Karrine and the loss of her greatest inspiration. The return of her ex-fiancé Donovan only further complicates things. A familiar face and yet foreign exchange help her get her life back on track. But has she really learned her lesson? Do Mia and Karrine have what it takes to repair the ties that bind? Only time will tell.



Broken hearts and guns don’t mix

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My most recent review! August 4, 2014… Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls by Keith Kareem Williams

Broken hearts and guns don’t mix…
Keith Kareem Williams has delivered a literary work of art full of sex, lies, unreciprocated love and lust in abundance.

Follow the unnamed Casanova as he recalls a few unforgettable lovers, all while being held hostage at gun point in his own home. The trail of broken hearts will have the Reader in quite an emotional state! Do you feel sorry for him? Is he the victim? Or do you hate him for every heart he’s broken?

No matter who’s side you decide to take, his fate lay in the unsteady hands of a woman scorned!

This book is a must read. A page turner that I couldn’t get enough of. I sympathized with the characters. This book took me down a rabbit hole I’d not expected to descend into… Have I been any of those women? I fear truth is, I’ve been a culmination of them all. Amazing book. An autographed copy is a priceless gem in my home library! Get your own!!!



I love to read. I have a fondness for Authors so what better way to show my appreciation than with this humble homage. I read. I review. I rant. And yes… I rave! I love books.

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Shanel Jackson



No Mas Café

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At least for the next 15 days! Big events in my life tend to show up on my face. Ever since I was a teenager, excitement beguiles me! From high school days, well into my adulthood, this nuisance has followed me.

A celebration as joyous as getting married should not cause the Bride To Be to stress. This is after all a happy time in her life. It is also one of the biggest moments in her life. Sitting right there on that emotional shelf with births, deaths and major accomplishments. THIS is serious business!

Getting married is a very big deal. Something so monumental is sure to be accompanied by a certain level of stress. Wanting everything to be perfect will stress the best of us. And stress for me sends a strong and immediate signal to my brain. “We NEED caffeine!”

Coffee in abundance further sets my nerves on edge, increasing the stress, which in turn steadily amps my brain into believing my body needs more more more more coffee! I refuse to show up bright eyed on our wedding day, looking like a pimply prickly pear faced Bride! No mas café… At least for the next 15 days.

God help me... And you! Just kidding ;-)

God help me… And you! Just kidding 😉

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Harlem New York U.S.A: The Photos

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As promised… Here are the photos from the Harlem New York U.S.A trip. I didn’t realize that collectively we took so darn many. So in an effort to make the viewing experience as pleasant as possible for you dear follower, I have collaged the photos. Enjoy!

FreedomInk Publishing at the 16th Annual Harlem Book Fair

 FreedomInk Publishing at the 16th Annual Harlem Book Fair

Random Pics. We stayed at The Sugar Hill  Harlem Inn. The Nina Simone Room was pretty posh in a down to earth, in the heart of Harlem kinda way!
Random Pics. We stayed at The Sugar Hill Harlem Inn. The Nina Simone Room was pretty posh in a down to earth, in the heart of Harlem kinda way!

Random Pics. We stayed at The Sugar Hill Harlem Inn. The Nina Simone Room was pretty posh in a down to earth, in the heart of Harlem kinda way!

Bits & Pieces of Harlem New York U.S.A
Bits & Pieces of Harlem New York U.S.A

Bits & Pieces of Harlem New York U.S.A

My beautiful SisterFriend, Yvette Porter Moore, made her mission to be there to support me via this event. I'm thankful for her presence. P.S. We had an absolute blast!!
My beautiful SisterFriend, Yvette Porter Moore, made her mission to be there to support me via this event. I’m thankful for her presence. P.S. We had an absolute blast!!

My beautiful SisterFriend, Yvette Porter Moore, made her mission to be there to support me via this event. I’m thankful for her presence. P.S. We had an absolute blast!!

Can you say, "Happy Hour"
Can you say, “Happy Hour”

Can you say, “Happy Hour”

Vini. Vidi. Vici. When all was said and done, the Harlem New York U.S.A trip was an experience of a lifetime. We came. We saw.  We conquered.
Veni. Vidi. Vici. When all was said and done, the Harlem New York U.S.A trip was an experience of a lifetime. We came. We saw. We conquered.

Veni. Vidi. Vici. When all was said and done, the Harlem New York U.S.A trip was an experience of a lifetime. We came. We saw.  We conquered.

Come hang out with me, the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing and all of the amazing FreedomInk Authors!


Harlem New York U.S.A

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The trip to Harlem New York was insane (in a good way), epic (in the best way), great, awesome, monumental & totally amazing in EVERY way! On a professional level, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. To introduce the books & Authors that call FreedomInk home, to a brand new city, was indeed a big deal.

FreedomInk Publishing participated in the 16th Annual Harlem Book Fair on July 12, 2014. As the CEO of FreedomInk, I had a very important decision to make! Which books to take? I finally decided on all first books! The Diary of A Bride To Be (Katandra Shanel Jackson), Life & Love Through My Eyes (Ramona Jones), Loves Me Not Vol. I (Kenny L. Mitchell), Anybody’s Somebody (Phoenix) and Woman on Fire (Trinette Collier). At our booth, there were other books displayed as well. After all, it’s not just about my company, but literacy in general. The $1.00 children books went really fast. It was also a wonderful way to get those who would not have normally stop to pause long enough to not only purchase one or two or a few of the children’s books, but to check out and take home some FreedomInk books as well. The event was a beautiful gathering. It was a financial sacrifice I’m glad I took. The net worth no doubt grew. The network? I shook hands, conversed, made friends with likeminded, entrepreneurial individuals from all over our great Nation.

On a personal level, I feel that Harlem New York is one of those special places everyone with an ounce of African American blood coursing through their veins, should pilgrimage to. For me it was right there on the list with Egypt, Ghana and the once upon a time legendary, Timbuktu! You just gotta go…

You hear so many bad things about places like Harlem. Any place heavily populated with African American is sure to be a dangerous place. Or at least that’s the picture the media paints and would have us believe! Well I put all those stereotypes aside and decided to enjoy the journey. Not only did we visit… We submerged ourselves into the environment and indulged in the culture of all that was Harlem New York U.S.A!


I can’t wait to see where this road leads me next…


Shameless Selfies

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Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall are doing it! Ellen (DeGeneres) is doing it! Rhianna is doing it! My 13 year old daughter, Kailyn Elise is doing it! And doing a lot of it… Taking the infamous shameless selfie! In the odd event you have come across this blog entry whilst at home on another planet and therefore are unaware of the term ‘selfie’, by all means let me enlighten you! A selfie is a photograph, most often candid, informal, impromptu, taken by the subject as opposed to a willing or unwilling photographer! The photographs are usually snapped at arms length, however I tip my hat to those so bold as to get up close & personal with the selfie. I call those ‘In yo face’ selfies! Straight faced. Smiling. Some zany quirk. A more in depth reveal of the person’s true personality always seems to take center stage with these pics that are all the rave! Just like anything, there are pros and cons.

Two immediate pros: You know your best angle & there is always a camera man (or WOman) at your dispose… YOU!

Two immediate cons: How many positions can you assume? Eventually those around you will tire of seeing you take the pics, as well as posting them! Selfies can be quite addictive! How can they not be? Remember, there’s always a camera man (or WOman) at your dispose… YOU!

With that said, dayum the torpedoes! Let’s take us a slew of awesome selfies. One is certain to be epic!

  • Know which side is your good side.
  • Step into the light. Unless you’re going for something dark and shadowy and mysterious like.
  • It’s okay to smile. It’s okay to be serious too. It’s your selfie.
  • Beware the notorious Photo Bomber! Those persons or things that you do not wish to be in your selfie. Uncle Jeb or the family pet Chihuahua!
  • Feature Focus! Do you have big doe eyes? Voluptuous hair? The cutest dimples? A beauty mole? Freckles? Any feature that you consider your best physical asset… Find it and flaunt it. I personally have small lips, so instead of this feature being highlighted as a flaw, I’ve chosen to play it up! Think ‘duck lips’ ‘kiss face’ ‘pout mouth’.
  • Use those filters. You downloaded the app. No matter if it was free, 99 cents or a few bucks. Professional Photographers do it all the time! Adjust color. Alter the finish. Don’t think illusion! Think enhancement of the beauty that is already there! Hey why did you comb your hair into that style? Why’d you choose that style shirt to wear today? Nice earrings… Why the studs instead of the hoops. It’s all about making a decision before showing your face to the world. Same thing!

They say don’t overdue it. Only you can be the judge of that! Sure, there’ll be those that will moan, “Oh gee. There she goes. Posting another selfie!” These are most often the same individuals that go on and on about that not so funny kitty cat video on YouTube. Too many? I’ve never been one to gauge just how much is too much. So until this craze, this trending topic, this image attached hashtag, becomes a thing of the past, I’ll be posting shameless selfies!


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Not Just for Toddlers

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Bing Dictionary defines ‘Transitions’ as a process or period in which something undergoes a change and passes from one state, stage, form, or activity to another. The word is a noun as well as a verb. The word is one that I as a former Pre-K Teacher, should know all too well! You don’t just move toddlers from one activity to another without some type of transition! It can be a keyword, a melody, a sign held in the air to warn those in ‘transition’  that the ‘transition’ is about to take place. It’s a time to mentally as well as emotionally prepare for change which is usually one that involves the physical being. Changing activities, centers, naptime to lunchtime. Fingers gently pressed to lips as a line forms behind the door, time for lunch! So why then do I have such a hard time as an adult, transitioning from one activity to the next! If the car driving along in front of you suddenly slams on brakes, there is likely to be a collision! Crash and burn. I spend most of my days in this state of shock and awe. Giving myself very little time to prepare for the ‘transition’. I often find myself wasting precious minutes and sometimes even hours because I was ill prepared to end one thing and begin another. Acknowledgement is key. I know that this is a major issue with me. Something so seemingly small. I’m in search of a few grown up transitions. Any suggestions that don’t require cookies, milk and a 30 minute naptime? Then again, that does sound divine!


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