Perp: The Notorious Sock Monster

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Wanted! One Sketch Artist. The Perpetrator? The Notorious Sock Monster! Upon doing laundry this weekend, here are a few lost things I found wedged between the washer and dryer (I dare not reach behind either of them):

  • 11. Count em… 11 mismatched socks!
  • A’gizillion dryer sheets. Some used and others brand new
  • A dish rag
  • A hand towel
  • 2 wire hangers
  • Lint deposits from the dryer that never made it to the trash receptacle
  • and last but not least… A pair of panties I’m almost certain are mine

Wanted! One Sketch Artist. The Perpetrator? The Notorious Sock Monster! He’s about yay high, 6 or 7 inches tall, give or take an inch or 2. He has long, sticky, grabby fingers. His blue skin is freckled with pink polka dots. Camouflage! There are razor sharp quills running down his spine. He’s prepared to defend his territory should you go reaching blindly, carelessly, wreaking havoc in his hiding place amongst his beloved hoards of mismatch socks; he’s not a fan of pairs… too much work, the upkeep of two. Or perhaps he’s invisible or maybe he truly is a chameleon. Oh who am I kidding? I am absolutely clueless on the visual details to report to the Wanted! One Sketch Artist. I just want the opposing socks back!

ImageHey you…give me back those socks! Pleeeeeeease!

Book: Flusi, the Sock Monster by Bine Brändle

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The Father, The Son & The Holy Book Banners. Who made you boss?

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Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of that which is misunderstood. Power. Power to censor, challenge, ban… From a parental point of view, I can understand the desire to want to shelter our children from violence, offensive language & explicit sexual content, be they seen in the real world, viewed on television, or read in a book. But as a parent I must be responsible and set restrictive boundaries within my own home and not expect some government board to act as judge and jury and decide which books will line the shelves in my small hometown library, the bookstores of the surrounding counties, the literature allowed into each state. Personally, I like to believe I’ve set a positive example in my own home and in the lives of my children. As they gradually venture from beneath my wings and out into the world more and more on their own, I hope that I have equipped them with a self censoring tool to know that which is okay for them to immerse themselves in. As they mature mentally and physically, these boundaries are expanded until the point of adulthood where they can make their own choices of what to partake in! No book should be banned. Anywhere! Ever… If I may be a bit biased here… The United States is the most awesomest place in the whole wide world. I mean think about it. The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave. Certain liberties have been allotted to us upon birth simply due to the place fate saw fit for us to be born. Destiny! Of all the places. Continents & other countries. I’m an American citizen. So you have to understand my disappointment when I learn mine and that of my children’s rights have not only been breached but terminated. What is that the 1st Amendment states?

– The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.  Check it out { }.

Rewind to the part they promise no prohibition, no infringement on the freedom of the press. This means an Author has the right to write and a Reader has every right to read it! Pretty simple really. So with that said, I proudly observe, celebrate and support Banned Book Week!

Image“A society will not stand for their rights to be mocked and suppressed for long. Either they will crumble under the tyranny or they will revolt.” ~Katandra Shanel Jackson
#NoMoreBannedBooks @FreedomInk365

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May my love of books be uncomfortably and highly contagious!

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Yesterday I joined KLM for an early a.m workout. He chose to walk 4 laps around the lake. I opted for 2. As I sat out the duration of his morning exercise, an older lady approached. She sat on a nearby park bench. I’m not usually much for audible words early in the a.m. So of course she began to speak but not to my chagrine. She admitted in jealous admiration, “I wish I loved to read like that.” And so the air of conversation was charged. She goes on to ask, “What kind of books do you like to read?” And I’m thinking ‘Whoa Nelly. Supercharge the atmosphere. This lady is speaking my language!’ I responded, “All types, but especially fiction. I adore multi-faceted, imagineably true characters, plot depth and climax building banter. I am most fond of historical romance though.” Then I smiled and told the lady about the most recent book I had just finished reading, ‘Flowers and Stone’ by Jan Sikes and I showed her the pretty pink & black cover of the book I was wrapping up that very morning, ‘Are You A Jackie or A Marilyn’ by Pamela Keogh. I must admit, that early in the day, I was ill prepared so I didn’t have any business cards on hand but I told my conversation partner for the moment about the FreedomInk Publishing website. I didn’t make mention that I publish books and also am an Author. We wrapped up the mini chat and said our goodbyes and as she walked away I silently prayed that my fervent love of books encourages all who come in contact with me to… READ! ~Katandra Shanel Jackson, CEO, FreedomInk Publishing


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To commit or not to commit, that is the question.

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Webster’s Dictionary defines commitment as: The act of committing, or putting in charge, keeping, or trust; consignment…

To keep the trust of another by putting in charge your own honesty. The commitment between lovers is what comes to mind when I hear the word. But what does it mean to commit to a thing outside of a human to human relationship. I believe it means to discipline yourself. Putting in charge your own dedication. Keeping this blog ain’t easy. It’s not that I’m short on words or time. It’s just that I have so very many things going on at once that it often just slips my mind. So this is me, taking time, deciding to commit. ~Katandra Shanel Jackson, CEO, FreedomInk Publishing


For the love of the blog.

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Mother Nature is a $!#^& (Insert obscenity here)

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Approximately 36 days a year, that’s 3 days every month… I have an overwhelming desire to bite the heads off of all those I come in contact with. I am a female born child. A girl. A woman. Eve recreated. And I bleed. And I hurt. From the onset of menses, about age 11 until the sweet relief of menopause which I’m praying is not a day after my 50th birthday!


The female praying mantis devours her spent and unsuspecting mate. Talk about sacrifice in the name of procreation.

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Yes! Time is of the essence.

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I’m usually an instant coffee kinda gal. Preferring a quick fix over a slow brew. But for some reason, I have bypassed the microwave this a.m and I’ve rather jovially decided to use the machine instead. It’s not one of those hi-tech, shiny, stainless steel, state of the art, 3,000+ button, digital, manual having, remote control operated contraptions that are on the market and in some of your homes! Compared to all the rage in coffee makers, I’d have to say this one here is an antique, a relic, a dinosaur… Rwar! Still as I shuffle through the pile of papers that is today’s ‘To Do List’… I smile! The rich, hearty, tantalizing aroma has already awakened more than 1/2 my senses, proving the choice to brew was a good one. The smell wafting through the house is evident that some things are well worth the wait. Yes! Time is of the essence, but we each must remember to slow down long enough to ‘Stop and brew the coffee’.


Stop & smell the roses!

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Ways to kill time to keep from killing myself.

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Did the title of this post put you in a somber mood? Well fret not. I have no intent to leave this Earthly realm anytime soon. My eldest child and only son has sickle cell disease. We discovered this illness when he was just 3 years old. Why so late and not at birth? I’ll save that for another post. ‘Tre’ had been complaining of chest pains off and on for several hours. As the pain progressed and his description of how he felt grew pretty frightening, I knew it was time to take home care to another level. Mere minutes had passed when my nemesis boredom came creeping in. Sitting. Waiting. Watching. Every sense heightened. Hospital sights and sounds. Foot tapping. Thumb twiddling. Bored outta my mind. If a cure didn’t present itself soon, at least I was in the ER! Death by boredom. Clean up on aisle 3. If you should find yourself in my recent predicament, bored out of your mind and dieing for a way to kill time to keep from killing yourself as you WAIT in the ER…

  • Read
  • Write
  • Count the tiles on the ceiling of your cell, er um uh, waiting room
  • Count the tiles on the floor of said room
  • Meditate
  • Nap
  • Pray
  • Play the drums on the nearest counter with a pair of tongue depressors
  • Update your status at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…
  • Check and respond to emails
  • Search engine look up something random like ‘onomatopoeia


I’d love a few suggestions. What do you do to pass the time? By the way, ‘Tre’ is just fine. He and I both made it out alive. Unscathed from our latest venture into boredom at the ER!

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