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The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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My book babes at RISKY business (Reading Is Sexy, Kill’em with Your Intellect) had me reading this one as the majority are into mystery, murder and mayhem. This book had it all. Lo is quite a memorable (unsteady) character, given her medical history and recent traumatic events. The blood, the scream, the splash are all it takes to set her over the edge. But when logic can’t be made of the suddenly empty cabin, Lo begins to second guess herself. Her paranoia and inability to stop digging lead her right into a trap. Now there are 2 cabins empty and the plot, it just keeps on building till the very end. Major suspense. A surprise around every corner, literally.


Hello September, Be Kind! Love, Kat. CEO at FreedomInk

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September 2014 FreedomInk Publishing Newsletter

Announcements! FreedomInk Authors, Ramona Jones & Courtney ‘Phoenix’ White both celebrated August birthdays. Happy Birthday Ladies. Congratulations Phoenix on your brand new engagement! CEO Katandra recently married this past month as well. Congrats. Looks like the Ladies of FreedomInk have been very busy!

New books by FreedomInk:

The Lady, Niobe by Kenny L. Mitchell. The novel is the 4th by the FreedomInk Author and is the first book of a breakout series from the original debut trilogy, Loves Me Not. Niobe is one of 7 women at the inner most sanctum of the Askari Sisterhood. She’s understandably tough, unexpectedly tender and totally bad ass!

Coming soon to Readers worldwide:

  • Mojo For Sale, The Art of Encouraging One’s Self. This book is the long awaited release from the CEO of FreedomInk Publishing.
  • Jareth, First Lord by Mellie Miller is a re-release for the new FreedomInk Author and the first title by this literary phenomena to grace FreedomInk Publishing. Think Lords, Ladies, castles, a battle of the wills, hearts broken and restored, another World.
  • Darkness Before The Dawn by Dawn Miller. This Author is no stranger to the written word even if Darkness Before The Dawn is her debut title. Dawn is the daughter of fellow FreedomInk Author, Mellie Miller and is actually to credit for the edits of Jareth, First Lord as well as Mellie’s previously (pre FreedomInk) published books!
  • Jesus Paid It All by Elder Steve Carter Jr. will be the 2nd book to be published by 2II at FreedomInk. To Inspire. To Ignite. This book is certain to do just that!

A few awesome services that you just gotta check out!

Sharpest Image Photography, Mandy Sharp- Owner/Operator

RuleBreaker Editing Services. Dawn Miller- Senior Editor

Footprint Expressions Publishing. Yvette Porter Moore- CEO/Author

Have you seen the awesome titles in the movies? Yes, these movies were once upon a time books! New 2014 movies based on books…

  • The Maze Runner (published October 2009 by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House)
  • The Fault In Our Stars (published January 2012)
  • The Giver (published 1993, the book is an American children’s novel by Lois Lowry)
  • If I Stay (published 2009. I wonder if they will make another movie of the book’s sequel, ‘Where She Went’)

Happenings… September 2014 going ons! September is a busy month for literacy.

September 8th is International Literacy Day.

September 20th, FreedomInk Author, Trinette Collier (Woman on Fire) will be participating in the 2014 Turner Monumental AME Women’s Conference.

September 21st-September 27th is Banned Book Week.

September is also Sickle Cell Awareness Month. This disease is close to my own home as I am a carrier of the trait, my ex-husband is a carrier of the trait and my eldest child was born with the disease. For African Americans looking to bring children into the World, I highly recommend testing. They do a newborn test at the hospital now which is routine. July 1997, no one told us. It wasn’t until we were expecting a 2nd child that we found out. Parents, know your status before deciding to procreate! I wouldn’t wish this illness on any child. I intend to shed light on this arena of my son’s life in the upcoming memoir, ‘Can’t Raise No Man’. Check out my CEO blog where I post randomness… Learn about Sickle Cell Disease

Phew! What a mouthful in this month’s newsletter. Wanna know what’s NEXT365? On the horizon for October 2014:

Mellie Miller has agreed to host this year’s 4th Annual All Hallow’s Eve Blog Hop and Yvette Porter Moore, CEO at Footprint Expressions Publishing, may just brave the 2nd Children’s Holiday Book Drive! I’m excited to delegate so that I can dedicate some much deserved attentions on my writing.

Aside from all of that, we are in the last days of this year’s Annual Reading Is Retro & Retro Is Cool FreedomInk Summer Challenge. The goal was to read 10 books in 13 weeks. A few recent titles I’ve immersed myself in via the read (and I always leave reviews)… ‘Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls’ by Keith Kareem Williams and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green.

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See this month’s Newsletter and the remainder of 2014’s updates at FreedomInk Publishing’s home site! See you there in October!