Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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Traveler beware. The town of Wind Gap is toxic. Toxic in an all-consuming, devouring especially it’s own inhabitants, kind of way. Camille and her sordid path are proof of that. Sharp Objects is a book about a severed, if ever established, mother-daughter relationship and how damaged family ties can cut just as deep as any knife.

There’s a baby killer in Wind Gap. Putting down bad little girls and taking their teeth, a Herculean effort. So who’s The main suspect? A man? A woman? An outsider? One of Wind Gap’s own? The sooner a suspect is named, the sooner Camille can leave her hometown, her childhood home and her high strung overbearing mother, Adora. The suspense is addictive as each chapter unfolds leaving the reader guessing in anticipation, who is killing Wind Gap’s most misunderstood girls and why take their teeth?


All The Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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Let’s just be honest. I was both delighted and disturbed. The silent strength and quiet resilience of both Wavy & Kellen won’t soon leave me. Read with caution! Strong language, sexual references, drug use, child abuse and a very unlikely friendship turned relationship will have you most likely delighted and disturbed as well.

As a reader it’s easy to get caught up in the tragedy of young Wavy’s life. She’s forced to grow up too soon and much too fast so that she can take care of herself and younger brother. But there’s only so much an 8 year old can do. Along comes Kellen. He takes care of her and slowly Kellen becomes much more to young Wavy aside from the caretakers her parents consciously throughout the narration choose not to be. In return Wavy fills a lonely void in Kellen’s life; that void where he fantasizes about putting the gun in his mouth, pulling the trigger and painting the ceiling with his brains. Yes, it’s that graphic. More than a caretaker, Kellen is Wavy’s friend, and that friendship grows into something more.   It’s like you’re reading it, forgetting how old she is but remembering how old she is at the same time!!! Does that make sense? As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I could literally feel the shift as the dynamics of Wavy’s and Kellen’s friendship deepened. The invisible line drawn in the sand was constantly being tested and realigned. My feelings were all over the place as each voice gave their side of the story. The title of the book couldn’t have been more appropriate either! All the ‘ugly’ and ‘wonderful’ things. Life and love and loss can most certainly be both ugly and wonderful.

Please, please, please, rather you loved or loathed the book, these bonus/deleted scenes penned & blogged by the author are certainly worth the read. Chicago, Part 2 is my favorite alternate ending of all. You’re welcome.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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My book babes at RISKY business (Reading Is Sexy, Kill’em with Your Intellect) had me reading this one as the majority are into mystery, murder and mayhem. This book had it all. Lo is quite a memorable (unsteady) character, given her medical history and recent traumatic events. The blood, the scream, the splash are all it takes to set her over the edge. But when logic can’t be made of the suddenly empty cabin, Lo begins to second guess herself. Her paranoia and inability to stop digging lead her right into a trap. Now there are 2 cabins empty and the plot, it just keeps on building till the very end. Major suspense. A surprise around every corner, literally.

Tribes by Seth Godin, one Reader’s point of view (a brief review)

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If you’re looking for a ‘How To Guide’, do not read this book. If you’re looking for inspiration & motivation & a bit of tough love, read on! No-one can tell you how to lead. No-one can show you or teach you. The main thing is to decide to lead. There are a few tips, suggestions and pointers tucked into the pages that are invaluable nuggets of information; such as the idea that Leaders are born and that they are naturally charismatic. Which it seems quite the opposite is true. Leaders are made and being a Leader is the thing that lends charisma. This is a great book for anyone wishing to be at the forefront of change. Will you lead?

Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing,

Carnal Sobriety, Day 4

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Psychology. Human sexuality. Biography & Autobiography. Personal Memoir. Self-help. Compulsive behavior. A true story about sexual addiction. Carnal Sobriety is available via paperback at Barnes & Noble, Enjoy this Photo Excerpt…

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“Is that the ultimate need? To secure some agent to act as a salve, a bandage, a cover-up, concealer over the black eye, as opposed to facing the issue head on. Nobody wants to address the fist. We’d all much rather take something for the pain and make it all go away.”

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Carnal Sobriety, Day 2

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Day 2 of A Week & 6 Days of Carnal Sobriety. I’d like to invite you to please subscribe to the Facebook page… Also, I hope that you enjoy the first of a dozen photo excerpts.

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“Every situation is unique. I’m almost opting to not date during this ‘carnal sobriety’. But the approval dependent, absolute control freak, loser magnet, sex craving addict in me is telling my body that this is not a good idea.”

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The true story of one woman’s struggle against domestic abuse…

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FreedomInk Publishing proudly presents Dawn Miller​’s debut title… Darkness Before the Dawn.

Born under the light of the rising sun, I was named after the beauty of the new day. Later to be given the moniker of Desert Rose, it all fit together. Born as the sun rose over the desert, a place that only comes to life after the storms, at a time of day that is most beautiful, only after the darkest hours. This is me. For my life became the darkness of abuse, neglect, the total removal of all that was light in my life; the end only coming as the strength and beauty of the light returned, removing the darkness that engulfed the hours before the dawn. {Keep scrolling to read my review}

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*My review: I gotta tell you. This book ain’t no easy read. Great writing pulls you in, holds you captive and renders you helpless to every emotion penned! Darkness Before the Dawn reveals so many of the pains that most would be too ashamed to admit, too embarrassed. I applaud Dawn for writing such a deeply disturbing yet beautiful book. I implore the world to read this book. The scars of another carry the possibility to save us all. Just my little ol’ opinion

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