Monday-Friday Fitness Tracking

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I’m new to the world of online fitness trackers, but since I need one for a class this upcoming Fall semester, I thought I’d better go ahead and purchase one and make myself familiar with it before it’s actually time to use it. I chose to go with one of the models offered by Fitbit. The design I chose is worn much like a bracelet with all the functionality of a watch and so much more. I’m not really interested in receiving text alerts via wrist, so I only use it for the sole purpose of tracking steps. Along with counting steps, calories and miles are calculated too. The usb type dongle that came with the fitness tracker allows me to synch up and keep a record of it all via an online account. Did I mention all the other functions that the account boasts, like water intake, food intake and the sleep tracker. But I’ve found out that tracking my sleep may not be such a good thing. I can feel well rested but as soon as I log into my Fitbit account and see the number of times the tracker recorded restlessness throughout my nights, I’m immediately exhausted. Having no knowledge of being restless, perhaps I readjusted the blankets, unconsciously fluffed my pillow, rolled over in the midst of a dream, or perhaps woke to use the restroom and upon getting back into bed, fell once more into that trance-like sleep. All is well with the Universe until I see 5, 11, 17 moments of restlessness during my sleep and then I feel like the walking dead.

Also because I purchased the fitness tracker for a class, I’m more interested in tracking my Monday-Friday movement as opposed to my weekend movement. Even those on diets have ‘cheat days’. So every Friday night before I hit the sack, Fitbit comes off as I opt out of wearing it during the night or the duration of the weekend. *Photo: Fitbit Altafitbit-alta