The Truth about Liberty & Justice & Freedom

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Once upon a time, Liberty & Justice & Freedom were not granted to all. Welcome to the truth of it. Keep reading…


The United States of America’s true Independence Day is today! June 19th, not July 4th. 241 years ago, those original 13 colonies demanded and declared their independence from British rule. July 4, 1776, this nation celebrated its freedom, however not all were free! June 19, 1865, almost 100 years later, slavery came to an end. My ancestors were not yet equal, but at least they were free! We’re still fighting that battle to equality. One thing I’ll stand on today and claim as equally mine is this hot mess of a nation. My lineage may run back to the inhumane injustices of slavery, the belly of slave ships that swallowed Mandingo Warriors whole, the blood drenched coast of Africa, the unforgiving jungle of my ancestors home continent. But truth be told, we are all many generations removed from some immigrant. Be it by choice or force. We’re here now. Not slave. Not nigger. Not negroe. Not ‘other’. Not black. Not African American………..American. Happy Juneteenth. #ThisNationsHistory #TheTruthFrees¬†#TrueIndependenceDay #Juneteenth

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally,


Confession. I cry when I read.

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Confession! Something I’ve never told anyone till this very moment. I get extremely emotional when I read. The fact that I’m able to pick up any book, string letters-vowels-consonants and make totally coherent and comprehended words is enough to drive me to tears. And sometimes it does! I’m up this morning counting my blessings and the generations before me… If I give 20 years to 8 generations of women before me, to begin bearing children… (There are exactly 20 years between my eldest daughter and myself) 20 years x 8 generations = 160 years. Slavery ended 150 years ago this year. That would place my great great great great great great (6) grandmother in the belly of the beast. Involuntary servitude. Slavery in the Americas. Land of the free… I can’t begin to fathom the life that my 6th generation great grandmother lived {the first two generations counted consist of my mother and my grandmother}. Slavery has since been rectified, abolished and the 13th Amendment is in place amongst the Constitution. Still, growing up and living in the South, I can imagine the pain of a people who toiled the land, mere mules. Owned. Flesh property. Allowed no free liberties. And here I am, 150 years later… Reading! And the sheer thought of it all usually leaves me crying between chapters. On another note, I have a deepened sense of respect for my husband’s parents who attended high school during trying times as well. Exactly how many years of segregation stretched beyond the abolition of slavery? So although a people are free, they are less than equal! Makeshift schools, inferior educations, harsh learning environments and hand me down literature. Nothing pleases me more than walking into an establishment and purchasing a brand new book! My love of reading stems beyond words! So I cry when I read…

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally