For Men Only

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She lives. On yet another Father’s Day. A day she once upon a time claimed. As her own. But oh how wrong. Even if he which created the seed did leave. Even if he came back a thousand times with a million lies. Even if he wasn’t exactly the best but went above and beyond for the rest. This is an ode to the one who promised to hold you down but when life got real, courage failed him and he forgot to stick around. The Liar. The Leaver. Did he really leave her? No! He left a small token of himself for her. Buried the seed in the most intimate part of her. And inside of her it grew. And that seed became you. And the life you bear and the children you rear, they sense that bittersweet truth in you. You’re mad at him. But secretly, perhaps knowingly, prayerfully unconsciously, you despise them. See the getting was good when legs were spread and you lay on your back in that bed, who knows, maybe you rode, they say this is how the sex of the child is chose — ha ha. Things done in the thick of night have a way of coming to light(life). The deed done. Nine months later you were born. Reality hits like a fist, that clenched bag of bricks. Someone sang, “What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” Everything! Even if you two are through, something created the child born of you. Love of money? Love of lust? Love of sex? Love itself? If not love then what? So you raise the child to the best of your ability. And when Father’s Day rolls around you flaunt, “Yeah, that’s me.” But it’s not!!! A mommy you are. A father you’re not. You could never create the masterpiece which is life all by yourself. So even if you hate that man, don’t discredit his help. Because without him. There is no them.


Happy Father’s Day to the men in my life. Those he came. Those who played. Those who layed. Those who ran away. The one who chose to stay.

P.S. Ladies if you missed the memo, this day is not about you. It’s about them. So stop projecting your own daddy issues and give your child’s father the chance to be there for you. If you’re running around screaming “Happy Father’s Day” to yourself, you slam the door on that chance. Basically what we’re saying is he ain’t nothing, therefore technically, the child you both created is every bit of 1/2 of nothing. Think about it…

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally,