Denim Day 2018

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A jury deliberated! Innocent! How could her Professor rape her? The denim pants she wore were too tight! Surely she must have assisted him in removing the garment that stood in the way of what he wanted! Broken the girl who is raped because the ‘provocative’ style of dress she chose was just screaming for nonconsensual sex. Are my jeans too tight? Does my cleavage entice? Do you understand the concept of an invite? N🚫 means N🚫 means N🚫!!! Got it?


Author, Katandra Jackson Nunnally


April is…

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, as well as National Poetry Month. We’d love for you to join us at a few online worldwide Facebook events. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the words! *Keep scrolling for the real fun!
april is
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Happy April