This Is Summer

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Late nights. Later mornings. Lazy days. Beach. Sun. Sand. Day trips. Extended trips. Cruising in the slow lane. Lounging. Laying. Outdoor playing. Enjoying a much deserved break. The kids are free from the rigors of school and I am once again in the highlight of my own childhood. This is summer. My husband heads off to work every morning at about 6 after kissing me goodbye for the day. It’s only see you later till later and somewhere layered beneath the sweetness that is his kiss, is the hint of something else, it tastes like jealousy. I know he’d much rather crawl back into bed beside me and nestle himself in the warmth of my presence, but instead he closes our bedroom door, makes his way down the hall, opens-locks-closes the front door. A few moments later I imagine he starts the engine and backs the car out of the driveway and in his rearview mirror, our sleepy neighborhood gets smaller and smaller until it is out of sight. But long before he puts the key in the ignition, somewhere in between his goodbye kiss and the front door, I’ve drifted back to sleep. This is summer. Reminiscent of my childhood days when school was out and my mom had to pull herself away from us daily. There she’d leave us slumbering as she went out into the world. No work for me though as the weeks of summer unfold, hot, sticky and much too fast at times. I’ve found myself in the education arena, which is to say I teach, well sort of, I’m employed as an Assistant Teacher. Sure there are things to loathe about every job, but hopefully there is something that you can find to love as well. For me it’s two things: 1) I love children & 2) I really, really, really love summer breaks. So this brings us to my very current situation of doing absolutely nothing at all. We’re about 3 weeks into the summer break and already I’m wishing that it would slow down. But nothing good lasts forever, right? This is summer…

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B.Y.O.B Bring Your Own Book

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The next time you are expecting a delay of any kind, bring a book! It’s nothing like sitting in a waiting room (the longest waits ever!!) and instead of pulling out your hi-tech cellular phone, you instead crack open a book. Oh the looks on the faces of strangers all around. It’s like you’re not just another social media zombie… Instead, you’re the beacon of some brilliant secret, a national treasure, the keeper of an enlightened world. I’ve been getting that strange look for years from my own family. So to see that look etched on the faces of those I’m unfamiliar with is priceless.

What books are keeping you entertained this summer. Remember: E-readers don’t make great beach company & books never need charging. Pick one up today and go-go-go! It’s never too late to join our summer reading challenge…

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Happy reading. Happy summer. ~Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing


Love Continuum by Ja’Maela Byrd writing as Aria Knox

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One of these days…

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One of these days the children are going to thank me for loving them in this way, my way. I’m a natural born nurturer. I love learning and teaching and summertime is by no means exempt. This is day 2 of #MomSummerTeach and the kiddos absolutely dread seeing my face at the start of each new day. On the whiteboard Monday-Thursday is Math, Spanish, Vocabulary, a journal entry prompt for the girls and all children under the age of 21 living within the confines of this home will read 15 minutes everyday. All hail Mom. They think I do this to terrorize them during their break. Jeremy (my husband) says I’m preparing them for the real world where it’s all work all the time and you have to earn your play. I say summer months are a stretch of weeks when one can forget all sorts of important lessons, a stretch of weeks when one can learn all sorts of new things. So I take about 30 minutes of their day and I teach. Yesterday’s journal entries look like, “I hate summer because…” *The prompt was “I love (or) hate summer because…” Maybe they’d love year-round school. I vote yay! My eldest daughter, middle child, new high schooler, attitude having, don’t bother me and nobody will die child has complained everyday, “I’m bored!”… This from the same child who had the audacity to write in yesterday’s journal entry, “Summers are for doing nothing!”… Right now the crew is fast asleep. Summer nights are long. I agree with the children that summer mornings are for sleeping in. But when they awake, I’ll be here, waiting, big bad mean mom. Bwahaha. One of these days they’re gonna thank me. I won’t hold my breath for the gratitude today!

Once upon a time Pre-K Lead Teacher & Migrant Headstart Assistant Teacher,

Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing,

Click It

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It’s almost summertime. Lots of driving going on. End of school days. Summer vacays. Extended getaways. Yay!! This summer, myself and several of the FreedomInk Authors will trek to Harlem NY to participate in this year’s Harlem Book Fair. I know that for a few, the chosen method of travel will be by airplane. I considered this option. But the Adventure Seeking Chica in me has opted to go the less evolved route… We’re gonna drive! From South East Georgia all the way to the Big Apple. That’s 872.34 miles, 13 hours, 18 minutes and 1 hellova playlist! I do believe MapQuest captioned it perfectly… That’s a long drive! But I can’t wait. With awesome tunes and a list of places to stop along the way, not to mention an uber cool travel partner… My heart, Jeremy! This is sure to be one road trip to remember.

I took to Social Media and asked my Facebook circle of Friends to tell me the reasons they follow the law of the land when it comes to automobiles. Why do you/Why should I wear my seatbelt? The obvious rang over and over again. Because it’s the law. Ok! That’s a given. But what reasons beyond that ensure that we all buckle up?

Here are a dozen reasons to click it:

  1. Well you know what that commercial says, “Click it or ticket.” And nobody wants to be stuck paying unnecessary money.
  2. Because it’s the law. I know that we all know. Just wanna state the obvious for the sake of stating it… That and by consensus, it seems to be the number one reason!
  3. Since it is the law and a few of those that know have taken it upon themselves to dismiss said law and ignored that whole “Click it or ticket.” commercial campaign… Reason numero tres? To avoid getting ANOTHER ticket!
  4. My neighbor gives a very beautiful reason. Her two lovely daughters.
  5. A long distance friend in California wears her ‘safety’ belt for the purpose in which it was made, protection.
  6. Because even though I feel that I’m a good driver, I can only operate one vehicle at a time, which means I have no idea what kinda driver the person in front, behind, beside me are. Yikes!
  7. To keep from becoming loose change. Just another unsecured, projectile object in the car.
  8. A good friend who is an unashamed child of The Creator, states, “God saved me once before. I will never take it for granted again.”
  9. To serve as a good example to my family & friends!
  10. To keep face and windshield from having an intimate encounter!
  11. As a physical reminder to be a safe, cautious, aware driver.
  12. I wear my seatbelt because I’m awesome! Why else?

I’m certain those that choose not to wear their seatbelt have more than a dozen reasons not to click it! It’s not cool. I’m an excellent driver. I’ve never been in an accident. It wrinkles my clothes. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All those reasons and it only takes one little mishap and it’s the end of life as we know it, or maybe even ultimately, the end of life itself. So y’all choose to be safe and smart this summer! Seatbelts save lives so click it! Image

No matter. Driving or shotgun. I always buckle up! I’m Kat. CEO of FreedomInk Publishing and I approve this message.