The Book Nerd

I love to read. I have a fondness for Authors so what better way to show my appreciation than with this humble homage. I read. I review. I rant. And yes… I rave! I love books.

September 1, 2018… This month’s selection for the group read with my Book Babes at RISKY business Book Club is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Ummm. I really hope it’s not scary. I can handle mild suspense, but if it’s scary, somebody (Claudia!!) is gonna have some explaining to do. Lol. Wish me happy reading. By the way, what are you reading?


Reading Is Sexy, Kill’em with Your Intellect #RISKYbusiness

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One thought on “The Book Nerd

    meleigh53 said:
    July 25, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Well now I’ve got to read it…. Next on the list!

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